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  • MEP-A series, certified by DGUV, are parallel flow double body valves to control clutch-brake groups of mechanical presses.
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    G.P.A. ITALIANA your partner for equipment for presses and automation

    Published on 24/06/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 24/06/2020 - 18:34
  • G.P.A. Italiana, set up in 1962, designs and manufactures “equipment for presses” and “automation units/machines”.

    G.P.A. quality control system has been ISO 9001 qualified since 1994 by the certifying body TÜV

    “Equipment for presses”

    - MEP-A double body safety electrovalves to control clutch-braking groups of mechanical presses, they are approved by the German Institute DGUV.

    - pneumatic feeders to be connected to mechanical presses for metal coils feeding,

    - linear air transporter for transport of scraps or of light pieces,


    “Automation units/machines”

    - pneumatic, hydropneumatic and servo presses customized for assembly works

    - pneumatic and mechanical rotary tables

    - single components, such as rotary valves, hydraulic controls and rotating cylinders


    Design and manufacture

    G.P.A. Italiana designs and manufactures all their products internally taking advantage of specialized and qualified external suppliers, with the main target of a constant development of the entire process, from the design to the after sales service.


    G.P.A. ITALIANA photo



  • MEP-A double body safety valves for mechanical presses

    G.P.A. Italiana MEP-A series, certified by DGUV, are parallel flow double body valves to control clutch-brake groups of mechanical presses.

    Since 1995 they have been certified according to the EN 692 standard (Safety of Mechanical Presses) by DGUV, the German body for safety of metalworking machines.

    In 2011, with coming into force of the EN 13849 standard for the assessment of the control circuit safety, they obtained the certification of the highest levels of safety (Category 4) and reliability (Performance Level “e”).

    Cycle monitoring: inherent dynamic monitoring system according to the EN 692 standard.

    Nominal sizes: 10 - 15 - 30 - 40 mm

    Working pressure: 2 - 8 bar

    Valve photo

  • Servo presses for assembly works from 15 to 100 kN

    G.P.A. Italiana CP series servo presses offer a complete control for press fitting and assembling processes.

    The force-stroke control system allows complete management of the working cycle with many possibilities of customizing different recurrent jobs: press fitting with end stroke setting, press fitting with force setting, freely programmable settings for ax position, speed and acceleration.

    The different models cover a force range from 15 to 100 kN and can be equipped with customized operator interfaces including advanced control systems such as RFID tag readers for fast machine set up and factory ethernet data exchange systems.

    The most important advantages are:

    - position and speed complete control

    - repeatability of the position

    - constant programmable speed

    - force-stroke control in real-time with tolerance windows

    - customized applications.


    Servo press photo


  • PCM hydropeumatic presses from 20 to 320 kN with C and columns structure

    PCM hydropneumatic press models produced by G.P.A. Italiana use a CM power unit Linear or “U” version with extruded anodised aluminium cylinders and take advantage of the following features:

    - high speed and low air consumption in the approach and return stroke,

    - working stroke with smooth application of power

    - reduced consumption of tools and dies, thanks to progressive power application,

    - reduced noise level,

    - reduced maintenance requirements,

    - customized design according to Client needs.

    PCM presses are available, on request, with control boards ready for complete process quality control including factory ethernet systems making easy data exchange for production and teleassistance.


    Hydropneumatic press photo