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Metal Interface has established itself as a privileged channel for information and content exclusively dedicated to professionals in the field. Our mission? To forge links between all the players in this industry: manufacturers, subcontractors, innovative suppliers of production resources, tool manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials and consumables, etc.


Each player can take advantage of this section to publicise its news, products, events, industrial alliances, etc. Whether it's the launch of a revolutionary new laser cutting machine, the integration of advanced automation systems or strategic partnerships between companies, you'll find all the important news here. These releases are the pulse of the sheet metal industry, keeping you informed of the movements and trends that influence your day-to-day business.

Events: meet the sheet metal visionaries
Although the sheet metal industry is firmly rooted in the reality of metal, it is also a business of meetings and exchanges. Here, companies share their events and invite you to take part in trade fairs, conferences and workshops where tomorrow's ideas are forged through dialogue and collaboration. Come and meet your peers, discover emerging technologies and expand your professional network.

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