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    DESCOMBES PRECIMECA, a French sheet metal machines manufacturer for 50 years

    Published on 10/07/20
Nom de l'entreprise
AMADA Schweiz
Submitted by benoit.cantin on Fri 10/07/2020 - 10:47
  • DESCOMBES PRECIMECA is a family-run business and will celebrate 50 years in sheet metal machine tools in 2021. Based in the Drôme, in the South of France, between VALENCE and AVIGNON, our client base is primarily French, from all over the country, and also international, mainly from EUROPE.

    Manufacturing range: mechanical or hydraulic SHEARING MACHINES, with or without numerical control, from 1 to 6M, for a thickness of 1 to 20mm; traditional hydraulic (without CNC) or numerical STANDARD PRESS BRAKES (with mechanic gauges or proportional hydraulics), control of 2 to 8 axes with the DNC; and of course a combined SHEAR/PRESS BRAKE of standard 3MX6mm capacity combining both functions. And also, UP ACTING BRAKES, vertical and horizontal PRESS BRAKES…

    Since 2014, DESCOMBES PRECIMECA also owns the brands MINGORI and HYDROIL and therefore resumed the manufacturing of BENDING MACHINES for construction sites and workshops, much to the delight of MINGORI users (founded 90 years ago), as well as HYDROIL HORIZONTAL press brakes/bending machines (multi-station, multi-function machines), particularly useful for metalworkers, blacksmiths, aluminium workers, etc.

    Our RETROFIT business for press brakes and shearing machines, makes it possible to invest in high-quality machines (renovated, upgraded to latest standards, repainted, etc.), at a reasonable budget.

    Manufacturing plant in South Drôme / France


  • Combined bi-function SHEAR/PRESS BRAKE 3006/3100T

    A combined SHEAR / PRESS BRAKE

    The latest addition to the DESCOMBES PRECIMECA manufacturing range: a combined machine, grouping together 2 functions, to save space and money.

    A SHEAR function on the lower part, with a capacity of 3MX6mm (steel) and a working height of 750mm. The CNC controls gauge retraction and the number of cuts (with a switch to changes from one function to the other).

    A PRESS BRAKE function on the upper part, with a capacity of 3MX100T (5mm steel) and a working height of 1290mm. The CNC controls gauge retraction (axe X) and bending depth (axe Y), as well as the sequence of folds with different dimensions and angles. The calculation and adjustment of the automatic bending power is made by proportional distributors.

    Each function has its own back gauge, each with a 750mm track.

    Passage between uprights: 3695mm / Cutting length: 3020mm / Bending length: 3550mm

    2 year warrantee, and after-sales service provided by DESCOMBES PRECIMECA technicians at our manufacturing site.


  • DESCOMBES PRECIMECA – 50 years of experience at your service

    Intérieur usine de fabrication Sud Drôme / France