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  • The PROTEM US25CH will perform repeatable high quality weld end preparations on virtually all materials.
    Global-Industrie 2023 Press release

    Tube Beveling Machine PROTEM US25CH (Ø 0.5" - 4.724")

    Published on 10/02/23
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Fri 10/02/2023 - 15:02
  • The ID mount and portable US25CH is adapted for the maintenance and repair of Boilers and Heat Exchangers Tubes. It features a modified torque, the tool-holder plate features 2 grooves to mount standard HSS tool bits, 2 grooves with locking wedges to mount insert holders, the addition of a double-lip seal to prevent chips from entering into the machine when working on ceiling mounted panels/components, the addition of a sintered guide ring to replace the needle bearing, the addition of a bushing (protection against chips), a specific longer clamping shaft (specifically designed to clamp after flared parts) basic blades with a 8° angle.

  • Technical features of the Tube Beveling Machine PROTEM US25CH

    Specific shapes & angles: Facing 90°, bevel 30°, 37°30, 45°, counterbore, J-bevel, Other on request

    Clamping: Manual with a key

    Feed stroke: 1.378“ (35 mm)

    Expansion: 0.394” (10 mm)

    Cutting head gear drive: 150 rpm off-load speed, 70 rpm nominal speed, Approximate rotation speed according to air pressure and air flow

    Pneumatic drive: 730 W, 6 bar (87 psi), 1400 l/min (49 cfm). Pneumatically driven machines have to be used with a lubricating filter. Recommended option: regulation valve

    Electric drive: 110 V (1500 W) or 220 V (1050 W)

    Advantages :

    • Portable
    • Powerful Machining Equipment
    • Easy and Safe use for the Operators
    • No Heat Affected Zone
    • High Accuracy
    • Fast and easy mounting
    • The tool bits can be changed and adjusted very quickly
    • Adapted for works in tight spaces
    • The machine can be used in all positions: vertical, horizontal, over head
    • Versatile Cutting Head: the tool-holder plate can accept up to 4 tool bits for simultaneous machining operations (land, bevel, counterboring, j prep)
    • Smooth and Burr-Free Surface Finish
    • No vibration during the machining process