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  • Polysoude orbital welding Power Source "Ready 4.0" with new options
    Optimise your processes Press release

    When modernity meets productivity - new developments

    Published on 15/07/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 15/07/2020 - 19:31
  • With its over 50 years of experience, Polysoude unceasingly evolved and progressed in order to make the manufacturing industry benefit from its vast expertise and its innovative solutions at the cutting edge.

    The company based in Nantes (France), together with its large international sales network, constantly continues to innovate in its different fields of activity like tube to tube or tube to tubesheet welding or in the weld overlay sector. Amongst others, Polysoude took the development of the bi-cathode TIG technology (TIGer) to the next level, enabling significant gains in productivity. Here comes a resume of the latest product news and developments.

  • The result of over 50 years of experience in welding and weld overlay

    Orbital TIG welding: adaptable, communicative power sources

    The regulations and standards governing the tube sector demand ever more restricting levels of quality from the manufacturers. It is on the basis of this statement that for many years Polysoude has developed solutions, benefiting from this stable, reliable process, with or without filler wire, which can be used on all sorts of materials. The association of a great variety of welding heads with Polysoude power sources thus covers all tube weld configurations, ensuring a quality, a regularity and a repeatability which meet the complex requirements demanded by manufacturers.

    Among the latest developments, the power sources of the P4-P6 range now come with more options.

    Indeed, the touchscreen is now removable and can be used with several power sources of the same category. These modern, evolutionary power sources are now stamped “Ready Industry 4.0”. They can now be easily integrated in a modern factory or a connected worksite. Remote access enables, for example, the uploading of welding programs, the recovery of data and of all the documentation related to the welding programme.

    Another precise example: it’s now the power source that reminds you that the maintenance due date of your equipment is approaching!

    These power sources, with or without remote touchscreen, are perfectly adapted for welding applications in "clean rooms", as would be the case in the semiconductor industry or the pharmaceutical sector. The operator can thus select his welding operation mode, program and monitor his welds without leaving the room, limiting this way any risk of contamination.

    Welding in clean room with a closed chamber welding head

    Polysoude has also extended its range with the UHP 625 welding head, for the welding of small-diameter tubes (3 to 17.3mm) and micro-fittings, for the Ultra-High-Purity field. Its main advantages are its compact design and its ergonomics, with the controls on its housing. The fixture blocks are perfectly adapted to all types of micro-fittings and ensure the clamping of the items to be welded, in addition to their perfect alignment and the centring of the extremities.


    Weld overlay: Constant productivity gains

    Gains in productivity have increased clearly over the last years and have become the greatest concern for tube manufacturers. After years of development, Polysoude has created TIGer technology, as an evolution of the TIG welding procedure. This bi-cathode technology, dedicated to cladding in particular, enables reduced ferrite levels (<5%) and deposition rates of over 6kg/h for feed speeds over 1000mm/min. This allows at the same time the preservation of the quality of a conventional TIG weld while responding perfectly to the concerns of manufacturers.

    In line with its continued desire to adapt to market requirements and with its wealth of experience in weld overlay via these many developments in operational modes and installations of all types, Polysoude also offers a catalogue of standard machines called PolyClad. The various facilities enable over 80% of the requirements of equipment of this type to be covered.

    These products are just a small part of Polysoude's standard orbital range. Our teams will be happy to meet you and present our vast range dedicated to orbital welding, including open heads (MU), closed chamber heads (MW and UHP) and heads for tube-to-tubesheet application (TS). The next occasions to meet Polysoude will be at the Tube trade fair in Düsseldorf (Hall 6 stand G03) and on the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris (Hall 7, stand C-115), both taking place in December 2020.