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  • A multi-spindle in-die tapping unit a progressive die
    Global-Industrie 2022 Press release

    All you need to know about tapping by press forming.

    Published on 03/03/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 03/03/2022 - 10:04
  • In-Die Tapping is an embedded operation that offers many advantages including a significant reduction in costs. But it is also quite complex and requires good skills to perfectly manage it. What is the reason for a succesfull and mastered of In-Die Tapping solutions?

  • The process of In-Die Tapping can be cutted as following:

    For optimum performance, the process of In-Die Tapping can be described as follows :
    - Feeding the part to the tapping station (progressive tool or transfer)
    - Clamp the part (pilot punches or clamping)
    - Lubricate the tap and the tapping hole
    - Tapping the stripped part (tap travel to and from the tap)
    - Release the part
    - Repeat

    By following some important points, it is possible to get the In-Die Tapping process efficient, reliable and very economical.

    Forming threading generates very high stresses at the tap-work contact. Therefore, it is necessary to take care to all the parameters that are essential for the smooth running of the process. These points are going from the diameter before tapping to the piloting of the tap by a cartridge system, including lubrication, forming speed, tap quality, etc.

    This operation under press, in masked time, makes it possible to obtain a finished part at the speed of the press. Therefor, no needs to get parts threaded as secondary operation.

  • Choose an expert for your In-Die Tapping experience

    Relying more than 30 years of experience in In-Die Tapping, and on the expertise of its employees, PRONIC is able to provide its customers with all the application support which design offices, toolmakers and stampers may need for a successfull of this In-Die Tapping process.

    « For more than 30 years, PRONIC has been the world specialist for in- die tapping and has made large contributions to the development of this technology, through the quality of its products and its customer support. One of our greater strengths is to know how to support our customers, wherever they are, in the success of their projects.   This is due to our high degree of expertise and our complete understanding of their environment.”

    Thierry Rosa - Manager