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  • Flagship VICLA: Press brake .SUPERIOR
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    VICLA® Sheet Metal Machinery: the Made in Italy you were looking for

    Published on 04/08/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 04/08/2020 - 16:00
  • VICLA® is a company that takes care of every detail of the machines in a detailed and meticulous way, with an artisan attention to every single detail, so as to offer the best on the market.

    What does it mean to call yourself a folding workshop? For us it is essential to create "made to measure" machines, that is to offer a high customization of the machine according to the customer's needs. The design of each of our models goes through a process of listening to the needs of our customers, in order to satisfy every need according to the different productions.

    We do not consider ourselves only suppliers of press brakes and shears, but real consultants who can help our customers understand their needs and support them in choosing the machine and customizations.

    One of the pillars of VICLA® is the continuous search for innovation, to offer ever better solutions, with a focus on the research and development of more innovative machines and, always aiming at quality, we provide our customers with the most efficient , solid and reliable, the market can offer.

    A mentality, this, which from 2008 to today has led us to consolidate our presence in the world market, especially in Italy, Europe, North America and Asia.

    The speed and precision of our machines distinguish us from the competition because they do not compromise the sustainability and energy efficiency that qualify our machines. The absolute plus of our machines is the care for aesthetics that manages not to go unnoticed by our technological creations, regardless of the environment.

    We are able to offer a wide range of flexible solutions, designed for the optimization of the entire production system.

    Here are the main strengths of VICLA®:

    A stainless system of values

    One of the engines that drives the VICLA® brand machines is passion. The same that has always animated the holders Marcello Ballacchino and Corrado Nucci and which expresses itself every day and in all phases of each project, paying close attention to details and customer requests. In one word: aiming for excellence. Our value system is completed by an attitude of continuous comparison through the teamwork, with customers and suppliers and the ethics of respect, for our employees and for all our interlocutors: an essential quality for establishing a relationship made of mutual satisfaction destined to last over time.

    The tendency to anticipate change

    In a constantly evolving world, the secret to growing is to perceive in advance where the wind of innovation blows. At VICLA® we listen to change and this is made possible by the team we have chosen: we only use professionals with proven experience who are able to catch the market signals and with a flexible mentality, but with a firm point: to support the creativity at every business level and this is because we believe it is the key to finding innovative solutions to increasingly complex problems. Our idea of ​​the future is truly ambitious: to supply a VICLA® brand machine in every workshop in the world to fold and cut sheet metal as if it were paper in an innovative, reliable, efficient and safe way.


  • VICLA presents its flagship model .SUPERIOR press brake


    This machine is our FLAGSHIP, designed with extreme attention to details that make it a high quality press brake. The studies carried out on the bending of the machine structure have allowed us to design a bending machine that responds optimally to the most critical working conditions of sheet metal bending. This guarantees excellent structure stability and high bending precision. This latter feature is enhanced by the Clever active hydraulic crowning system.

    Plus of the .SUPERIOR is to be able to add accessories in the upgrade, adding optional after market.


  • VICLA presents its .DIAMOND guillotine shears


    We call it the perfect synthesis between efficiency and innovation. The .DIAMOND guillotine shear is the result of a project that led us to merge creativity, design and innovation with all the reliability of the best Italian and European components.

    The result is a perfect mix that guarantees a very high quality machine, extremely solid and precise in cutting. The .DIAMOND guillotine shear is equipped with a long series of standard equipment, but, at the same time, with the possibility of customization according to the production needs.


  • The revolution in metalworking production: robotic cells

    MATRIX robotic bending cells are designed to perform picking, bending and deposit operations of sheet metal profiles, all completely automatically. Due to the high speed of the laser cutting, an H24 bending power was required. The robotic cells manage to create folds that until a few years ago seemed unthinkable, guaranteeing very high precision and quality.