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  • KRASSER- on of the leading providers for fully automated sheet metal processing machines
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    Fully automated sheet metal cutting machine with automated coil storage

    Published on 24/06/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 24/06/2020 - 08:59
  • The Krasser GmbH is a leading company in the field of sheet metal cutting machines and coil handling solutions.

    Through the years of experience with the processing of sheet metal coming directly from the coil we established the Krasser GmbH in the field of sheet metal processing as a market leader.

    Our developed and patented machine systems are the guarantor for high-quality product solutions “Made in Austria”.

    Numerous customers all over the world benefit from it.Together with our worldwide distributors and cooperation partners we form a qualified team for customer satisfaction, flexibility and innovation.

    Flexible and solution-oriented thinking and acting, a highly motivated team as well as competence through the variety of successfully completed projects are our strengths, which we can offer to you.

    Visit us in hall 27 stand K32!

  • CENTURIO: Fully automated coil sheet cutting- the perfect turn-key solution

    With the flexible CENTURIO machine systems, a wide range of different tasks can be completed in a very short time — while also incurring the lowest possible costs. Centurio is the all-in-one solution which combines a careful storage of the coils with the precise and labor-efficient cutting of metal strips.

    Longitudinal cuts are performed using 5 pairs of shearing blades (upgradable to 8), and transverse cuts are performed using beam shears or optionally using rotary transverse shears. Blade positioning is performed fully automatically with material-specific cutting parameters such as insertion depth and cutting gap. This contributes to improving the quality and the measurement accuracy of sheet metal cuts.

    Numerous additional functional options also allow the system to be used for a wide range of possible applications. The system can be used as a standalone system or fully automated, with or without a coil storage system. It makes it possible to perform further processing on metal plates or strips, from single-lane coil storage units to multi-lane coil storage systems. The tried-and-tested CENTURIO machine system has a modular design and can easily be expanded.

    The fully automatic coil replacement takes place in less than 2 minutes from cut to cut — ergonomically, safely, and damage-free!

    Short production turnover times thanks to rapid changeover times and the design of the installation for 24/7 operation increase your production throughput and shorten your delivery times.

    Furthermore, it can also be directly connected to or integrated into automated downstream machines such as rollerformers, profiling machines, sheet metal bending machines, sheet plate storage systems, re-coilers, laser processing machines, or punching machines.

    The length, width, material type, and number of units are entered either directly via the machine display or via a web application interface.
    Centurio machine system with automated coil storage