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  • Version 20 delivers innovative bevel capabilities such as advanced toolpath generation, and rule-based corner transitioning
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    SigmaTEK Launches Version 20 of the SigmaNEST Product Portfolio

    Published on 29/06/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Mon 29/06/2020 - 13:31
  • Headquartered in the USA, with branches in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and South America, SigmaTEK Systems is the leading global provider of innovative end-to-end CAD/CAM software solutions.

    Our customer focus is supported by a worldwide team of consultative professionals and experienced product experts, and our industry focused product portfolio helps fabricators increase ROI by optimizing material utilization, machine motion, manpower, and data management.

    Our product suite covers the full range of fabrication workflow; from quoting to shipping, including robust integration with a wide range of business systems and the unique ability to program all major laser, waterjet, oxyfuel, plasma, punch, router, knife, press brake, and tube machines.

  • SigmaTEK Launches Version 20 of the SigmaNEST Product Portfolio

    SigmaTEK Systems, a leader in developing CAD/CAM software solutions for the fabrication industry is pleased to announce the latest release of the flagship SigmaNEST product portfolio. Version 20 is a substantial release introducing many new features in all areas of the product with continued emphasis on user-experience, optimizing material utilization, and data management.

    A new SigmaTEK Launcher provides a common, customizable desktop platform from which users can easily access core SigmaTEK products, and eco-system applications such as license manager, database utilities, and help resources. The Launcher also displays a live social media feed to ensure users are fully up-to-date with the latest product information, trade shows, and educational webinar schedules.

    SigmaNEST enhancements includes support for part priority nesting, nesting of filler parts, and nesting of “mini-sheets” or mini-nests. User efficiency continues to be a focus and a new CAD Import Plus module is available that does not require a local CAD installation to import a variety of file formats, including SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, Creo, Inventor, and NX. In addition, SigmaNEST 20 adds feature recognition (drilling, partial-depth pockets, bevel) for STEP files.

    Significant profiling enhancements see the introduction of innovative bevel capabilities such as advanced toolpath generation, and rule-based corner transitioning. Users now can import part files with complex bevels and apply NC directly to the 3D model in an interactive 3D viewer to ensure a safe and accurate toolpath generation and better program verification.

    Other SigmaNEST developments include expanded support for the TRUMPF TruMatic 1000 Fiber punch laser machine, laser precutting for creating complex threaded holes on combination machines, and the use of raw sheet edges as the part edge with greatly improved height detection and probe cycles near the sheet edge.

    The challenge of delivering an accurate quote is fundamental to the success of a project. Version 20 delivers SigmaQUOTE, a new integrated job quoting tool that replaces SigmaNEST’s previous Jobs module. It is powered by SigmaMRP, so it leverages the product’s robust quoting functionality, allowing users to manage companies and contacts, generate quotes for new projects, and turn quotes into work orders for production within SigmaNEST.

    Further improvements to the SigmaTEK 3D suite of applications for tube, bar stock, 3D models, and sheet metal forming include the ability to convert multi-piece common line gores into a single no-kerf, common line part within SigmaDEVELOP, a 3D system for standard ducting and HVAC geometry. SigmaUNFOLD flattens the 3D patterns and allows them to be manipulated for cutting and bending operations. An automatic slit-creation option adds a slit to an otherwise solid part so it can be unfolded into a flat pattern that can be processed on either cutting or press brake machines.

    For SigmaBEND, version 20 includes a unique new radial menu with dynamic shortcuts for editing the tool stations, backgauges, and the part itself, as well as improved sequencing and backgauge options. In addition, a new manual station-generation tool allows for easy manual tooling setup. SigmaTUBE generates nests and NC code for tube and pipe cutting on laser and plasma machines, and Version 20 includes support for new inventory profiles, and tab and notch enhancements.

    SigmaTEK also develop applications that drive the continuous workflow of data throughout the shopfloor. Version 20 delivers updates to Color Offload, a tool that uses color-coding to track parts by next operation, with the ability to filter by program status as well as document management capability. SimTrans is a transaction manager which links SigmaNEST with other business systems. Users can leverage SimTrans automation to create or load parts, manipulate orders, or update inventory in real time. Version 20 adds new transactions for managing jobs and provides the ability to receive email notifications for regular status updates or invalid parts.

    Commenting on the latest release, Glenn Durham, Vice President, of Engineering at SigmaTEK says, “We are delighted with the new version. We fully understand the role our solutions have within the manufacturing process, and the impact of marginal gains in productivity. We have knowledgeable engineers who want to make a difference, and they have worked tirelessly to ensure we release quality product that our customers will love.”