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    Published on 22/09/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 22/09/2020 - 12:11
  • E.N.S. INTERNATIONAL srl  YOUR PERFECT PARTNER!E.N.S. INTERNATIONAL is an Italian producer of standard parts for moulds in compliance with International regulations (ISO, DIN, AFNOR, MABEC,CNOMO and NAAMS). Through thirty years E.N.S. International has become one of the European leaders in mould manufacturing thanks to its high quality products, fast delivery times, competitive prices and exceptional customer care service.

    E.N.S. INTERNATIONAL can offer both standard and custom designs for guide pillars, bushes and other components. The standard serie includes “ITALIA” and “EURO” for plastic and ide-casting products, “ISO” for die casting moulds, interchangeable with the products of the major European manufacturers and “AUTO”, the newest in the series which is in line with DIN9833/VW39d969 and WDX/AFNOR. 

    Over six thousand standard items are in stock, ready for same day dispatch. Orders for our stock items that are placed before 12am are dispatched the same day. While customs designs can also be made within 10/12 working days after order receipt.

    The range of pillars and bushing start from 10mm to 160mm. The maximum length is dependent on the inner diameter. Tolerances and quality are guaranteed by certificates are available upon request.

  • Discover the CAD models of E.N.S. International products

    E.N.S. INTERNATIONAL srl  YOUR PERFECT PARTNER!E.N.S. International has chosen to distribute its CAD 3D models of products through a digital catalogue.

    This catalogue basis on CATALOG solutions technology of CADENAS. It is possible to make your selection on the website choosing the CAD models of ENS products such as pillars, bushes or ball cages for injection, die-casting or moulds. These can be configured following your needs and can be downloaded with more than 100 types of CAD 2D AND 3D.

    One of the main focus for E.N.S. International is to give a continuous satisfaction to the customers. Although to reach this aim it must pass through a growing innovation together with the high quality product.

    One of the reasons that pushed E.N.S. to choose the eCATALOG solution of CADENAS comes from this need to supply more and more quality service to the customers.

    The final users can download a highly detailed 3D PDF data sheet of the product desired. In this way a user can optain all information needed in a very quick time.