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  • CCO-SCHED: Finite Capacity Scheduler
    EuroBLECH 2022 Press release

    Production and Optimization software for Steel Service Centers

    Published on 27/09/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 27/09/2022 - 08:40
  • Fast-Square Italia has been developing Optimization Software for the metal industry for more than 20 years, acquiring deep knowledge and experience in the field of Service Centers.The first Coil Cut Optimizer (CCO) software was developed in collaboration with two Italian Service Centers to support the generation of Optimized Cutting plans for Slitter and Cut-To-Length machines. After the success of this software, Fast-Square Customers themselves have asked for other specific software for Service Centers to be added to the offer. Fast-Square has thus extended its Software Offer covering the whole Supply Chain Management for Steel Service Centers. The CCO Suit is a world-wide unique niche solution for Metal Customers with Slitters, Cut-To-Length Machines, and Cold Rolling Mills.



  • Description of software modules in the Coil Cut Optimizer Suit

    CCO-Optimizer is the Optimization software used to minimize Trim-Loss (Scrap) and Setup times for Slitting and Cut-To-Length planning. CCO-Optimizer is used by several Steel Service Centers all over Europe as well as in India, Canada, and Brazil. Benefits calculated by our Customers are 10-20% reduction of Trim-Loss and 20-40% reduction in Planning-Time.

    CCO-Scheduler. is the tool to define Work-Order Scheduling, in full respect of the various and diverse constraints such as Max Capacity, Machine Constraints, and Work-Order dependency. It includes a Graphic User Interface for manual changes to the Schedule.

    CCO-MES: is the Manufacturing Execution System software that helps you manage and update the production progress and status. It has a direct interface with production Machines (Industry 4.0). CCO.MES includes a Promise-Date module for Commercial Users, showing the latest update of the Customer Orders’ availability date and Status.

    CCO-Planning is the module for Machine Capacity Planning and Promise-Date  calculation for new Customer Orders. The User can change shifts and Overtime and do simulations to calculate the effect of the Capacity change on late Customer Orders. Alternative Machines are also considered to reduce late Orders.

    CCO-Riordino includes the functionality of Demand Planning and Master Planning, calculating the Demand Forecast and the Volume of Coils to Purchase. In addition, the software also covers all specific requirements of a Steel Service Center, such as: special treatment for Quarterly/Yearly Customer Contracts; Steel Type and Quality compatibility tables; freedom to choose the level of aggregation (Steel-Quality, Coating Type, Surface Appearance, Surface Protection).

  • Case Study: AARTEE replaces SAP with Coil Cut Optimizer and LN

    In just 8 months AARTEE Distribuzione Italia (ADI) has completed the exchange of the whole company information system, replacing SAP R/3 ERP with Coil Cut Optimizer/MES (CCO) software by Fast-Square and LN by INFOR. Despite the lock-down due to the pandemic, the Fast-Square and Know-How teams successfully completed the implementation respecting the very tight GO-LIVE timeline simultaneously on 4 AARTEE Plants.

    The Challenge for Fast-Square has been to cover the management of the whole Production area. With this implementation, Fast-Square can provide a software covering Production planning, Finite Capacity Scheduling, and production progress. The software offer has evolved from being a niche Optimization solution to a complete solution for the whole Production Planning Management, providing a unique software suit for Steel Service Centers. The CCO suit has evolved from ERP support software to a solution capable of completely replacing SAP Programming and Production modules, with a high degree of flexibility and versatility in meeting customer requirements.
    “Replacing the whole AARTEE information system in 8 months has not been easy, but we have been able to respect the planned GO-LIVE date. We cover the whole Production Planning Management, ranging from Cutting-Optimization of Slitters to complete management of Cold Rolling Mill and Cut-To-Length machines, Scheduling and Manufacturing Execution System (MES). New in this implementation is the MES module (Manufacturing Execution System) for production progress management with optical readers and tag printers. The Fast-Square MES is specific for Service Centers, accepting specific production updates for the different types of jobs, depending on the type of production. (Slitters, Cut-To-Length, Cold Rolling Mill)”, as  Gino Giannone, CEO of Fast-Square, stated.

    Mr. Michele Ciocca, CEO of AARTEE and Mr. Arcangelo Spoldi, COO of AARTEE reported: "Fast-Square's consultants showed a genuine willingness to listen to our specific needs, based on our consolidated and year-long experience in this field. This type of availability should not to be taken for granted given Fast-Square's knowledge of the world of Service Centers. A mutual collaboration that led to an important, complete, functional, and efficient result.”

  • Fast-Square Italia srl has two offices in Italy and partners in other countries

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