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  • NOVAIR's NITROSWING LASERPACK is an unique solution that allows a continuous and autonomous supply of nitrogen for laser cutting
    EuroBLECH 2022 Press release

    NOVAIR’s Nitroswing Laserpack: an innovative solution for laser cutting

    Published on 18/10/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 18/10/2022 - 15:17
  • NOVAIR, a specialist in the design and manufacturing of air & gas production, compression, and treatment solutions, will be participating in the EuroBLECH 2022, the 26th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition, which will take place from 25 to 28 October 2022 at the Hanover Exhibition, Germany.

    We are aware that assist gas plays a crucial role in laser cutting. Among the various gases used, nitrogen stands out due to its inert nature. Relying on traditional nitrogen production and its delivery can be very costly and time-consuming. Also, this method is known to be more polluting and less sustainable. Therefore, NOVAIR has developed a more sustainable solution in collaboration with end users: the Nitroswing Laserpack.

  • Nitroswing Laserpack: an all-in-one innovative solution

    The importance of Nitrogen in laser cutting:

    While choosing the gas for laser cutting, it is necessary to find the one that gives the best results possible. For instance, nitrogen’s inertness prevents oxidation of the molten material. This oxidation can interfere with the cutting process and cause imperfection in the final product. Hence, nitrogen is ideal for ferrous metals. Also, this gas avoids any exothermic reactions. Above all, the final product will be free from discoloration and corrosion. 

    How does nitrogen purity influence laser cutting?

    Another factor to consider in the gas assist laser cutting is the purity of the gas used. Nitrogen purity is essential to prevent discoloration. Any contaminants in the gas can disrupt the production of clean-cut metals. 

    Taking this into consideration, NOVAIR has come up with an efficient solution for producing highly pure nitrogen (max 10 ppm O2 residual) with the help of Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology. The purity can be always verified with the help of an integrated analyzer.

    Why switch to onsite nitrogen production?

    Onsite production is the key to being autonomous, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly. 

    • An uninterrupted flow of nitrogen :

    When the generators are installed close to the laser cutting machines, there is a continuous production of nitrogen (24/7) that can be customized according to the machines’ needs. There won’t be any shortage of supply that usually occurs in the traditional gas delivery methods.

    • Complete Autonomy :

    Onsite production gives users complete control as the quantity of nitrogen produced can be adapted according to the machines’ needs. Users no longer have to depend on the large trucks that cause delays in delivering the gas needed for laser cutting. 

    • No land restrictions :

    Large supply trucks usually demand more land space to deliver the required amount of nitrogen. In comparison, the compact size of Nitroswing Laserpack allows it to be installed easily in small spaces. It is designed in a way that it can be installed indoors or outdoors depending on the users’ requirements.

    • Cost-efficient :

    The traditional method of buying nitrogen can be expensive as it depends on the location of the production site and delivery charges. The prices can also increase over time causing the users to pay more than the established budget. However, once installed Nitroswing Laserpack saves time and money as the installation price is always fixed and it avoids all logistic constraints. NOVAIR provides the option to rent gas generators which can be financially beneficial for the users. Studies show that onsite production reduces the billing by 20 to 50% Also, there is no wastage of gas because the users produce only the amount of nitrogen needed for the laser cutting.

    • Sustainability :

    The main downfall of the traditional gas delivery method is the large trucks that cause air pollution. This is where the onsite production takes a front seat by ensuring zero emissions of harmful gases. It enormously reduces the carbon footprint of users. 

    • Safety:

    Onsite production guarantees enhanced safety by avoiding bulky high-pressure gas cylinders that are usually a safety hazard for the users. 

    Why choose Nitroswing Laserpack ?

    Nitroswing Laserpack incorporates modular PSA technology that is designed to suit all types of laser cutting machines. It is customized to facilitate the laser cutting of any metal of thickness ranging from 1 to 20 mm.  

    Nitroswing guarantees a nitrogen flow of about 3,5 to 60Nm3/h.

    Each unit comprises of PSA modular nitrogen generator, nitrogen low-pressure tank, high-pressure booster, cylinder manifold, cylinder bundle, and a filtration system. 

    Nitroswing comes with a 7” HMI to regulate and monitor the nitrogen generation, flow, and purity throughout the usage. It is user-friendly and can be easily maintained.

    Nitroswing Laserpack incorporates modular PSA technology that is designed to suit all types of laser cutting machines.


    Successful Nitroswing installations:

    Numerous companies use NOVAIR’s Nitroswing Laserpack for all types and brands of laser cutting machines.

    For example, Bateo uses Nitroswing to power its fiber laser. The company’s manager gave an interview emphasizing the high quality of the cut produced by the Nitroswing nitrogen generator.

    LPS, another company specializing in laser cutting has chosen onsite nitrogen production. During the Manufacturing Solutions Tour 2022 Industry 4.0, the company gave a testimony explaining its decision to use NOVAIR’s Nitroswing Laserpack for the latest generation fiber laser.

    NOVAIR’s Nitroswing continues to provide high-purity nitrogen along with reliable services that assure cost-friendly solutions for laser cutting machines. Designed with the users’ multiple requirements in mind, Nitroswing Laserpack is an all-in-one sustainable innovation to produce clean and fine laser-cut metals.