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  • How to choose a fibre laser cutting machine?
    2D Laser cutting Technical article

    How to choose a fibre laser cutting machine?

Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Sat 18/05/2019 - 09:32
    1. How does the machine manage the instant power supply and speed of fibre laser technology? In other words, how will the machine take full advantage of the fibre laser, taking into account that this technology provides very high cutting speeds?
    2. What are the machine components: fibre laser source, cutting head, etc?
    3. How is the machine designed: why and how are the components associated?
    4. What is the machine performance (acceleration, speed, accuracy, etc.)?
    5. What are the dynamics, meaning the connection between acceleration, speed, frame structure etc?
    6. Robotics, how are they implemented and what do they contribute to production?
    7. How is maintenance performed? What is the policy on spare parts? The price of components is quite significant in the overall cost of after-sales service.
    8. Is there a remote diagnosis? and evaluation of its efficiency?
    9. And of course, conducting tests on parts of the production to allow a tangible comparison of the pros or cons of each machine. The typology of selected components will have to be representative of the production, and enable the control quality and productivity aspects.

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