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    Nebes from 1960 produce band saw machine and bench grinder

    Published on 08/07/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 08/07/2020 - 11:17
  • Nebes was founded in July 1960 from Besutti family, that is still the totally owner of the company. The solid position acquired in the decades of intense production activity allowed Nebes to act as a leading company in industry globalisation context, developing a range of top quality machines.

    Grinders, combined, cleaners machine are still produced today as in the past, without saving on the materials and thicknesses.  This make the difference between a MADE IN ITALY Nebes product and other product all over the world.

    Nebes is very proud to be one of the few companies worldwide offering its customers up to 10 years warranty on all mechanic parts.

  • Nebes: the right choice for who is looking for high quality product

    The quality of Nebes brand machines is not only synonymous of warranty, safety and reliability of the products, but also an essential value for our company.

    From the raw material to the production cycle, every simple idea is transformed into a very high performance product. Bench grinders, polisher and combined machines offer 60% less vibration compared to mass-consumption products.

    The band saw machine offer very high performance, have a noise reduction system on the inverter motors and are equipped with cast iron pulleys for better performance and allowed the possibility of using lubrication oil on the smallest models.

    Since 2018 Nebes has also added a small range of drill presses with excellent performance and is now working on sharpener drill bits that would like to introduce ad new product for next year.