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  • Starmatik
    Blechexpo 2023 Press release

    Challenges and Solutions in Robotic Automation: An Interview with Starmatik’s sales director

    Published on 07/12/23
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Submitted by benoit.cantin on Thu 07/12/2023 - 15:15
  • At the core of Starmatik's innovative efforts lies a dedication to navigating the dynamic landscape of robotic automation. Renowned for its tailored robotic solutions, Starmatik is dedicated to continually adapting its products to meet the dynamic needs of its clientele.

  • Post-COVID Market Changes and Future Forecasts

    Reflecting on the post-COVID era, a period that brought a significant but temporary surge in demand for Starmatik's services, sales director Massimiliano Mestriner observes a normalization in the market but remains optimistic, anticipating a market rebound around September of the following year. This expectation is shaping the company's strategies as it navigates through these changing times.


  • Automation to Overcome Workforce Challenges

    A key focus for Starmatik in recent years has been addressing the fluctuations in workforce demands. The company has observed a shift in the working load, especially in tasks like manual bending in front of machines, a labor-intensive process. To tackle these challenges, Starmatik is increasingly turning to robotic automation, strategically replacing or augmenting human labor with robots. These robots, capable of continuous operation without human necessities like breaks or meals, significantly enhance efficiency. This shift, however, necessitates a parallel investment in engineering talent and software development to maximize the potential of robotic technology.

  • Customization and Collaboration: Keys to Success

    Starmatik's success largely hinges on its bespoke approach to client needs. Whether it's a customer's first piece of equipment or an addition to their existing setup, Mestriner stresses the importance of customizing solutions to fit precisely with each client's requirements. This collaborative process ensures that each implementation is perfectly aligned with the client's unique challenges and objectives.

  • Technological Learning and Evolution

    Over the past decade, a major lesson for Starmatik has been the importance of developing user-friendly software to ease the operation of robots. The integration of machine learning stands out as a key advancement, bolstering the company's capacity to handle large datasets effectively. Looking ahead, the Company envisions incorporating sensory capabilities into the robots, akin to giving them "eyes." This development would enhance their autonomy and efficiency, potentially revolutionizing their operational capabilities. The idea of a robot equipped with dual manipulators (akin to having two hands instead of one) is also on the horizon, promising to add even more sophistication and capability to Starmatik's robotic solutions.

  • Conclusion: Starmatik at the Cutting Edge of Innovation

    Starmatik is not just keeping pace but actively shaping the future of robotic automation. By responding adeptly to market shifts, embracing workforce evolution, and integrating pioneering technologies like machine learning and advanced sensory systems, Starmatik continues to redefine the boundaries of robotic possibilities.