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  • iCOSMOS International  - Let’s build the future of cost estimation throughout the supply chain
    EuroBLECH 2022 Press release

    Cost estimation solutions for a better profitability

    Published on 08/09/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 08/09/2022 - 15:27
  • Today, industrial players are facing increased competition. It is clear that they are confronted with national competition or the emergence of increasingly aggressive foreign competitors.

    Over the last few decades, the demands of their customers or principals have continued to increase, requiring better quality, higher performance and faster time to market. Paradoxically, the budgets or costs associated with these products or projects have not followed the same trend. This is why industry players must innovate with regard to the solutions proposed and above all take into account the "cost variable" at a very early stage of projects in order to be competitive.

  • LeanCOST - Cost estimation solution from a 3D model

    To meet these challenges, researchers from leading European universities have been developing advanced and complex algorithms to support these design and production steps for over 10 years. This research resulted in the creation of a software package called LeanCOST, which is used today by more than 2000 users worldwide.

    In a few words, LeanCOST is composed of a raw material database, a manufacturing stategies and process database and a machine database. LeanCOST links a 3D model to its factory and automatically calculates and estimates production times and costs, providing a detailed breakdown of raw material costs, operations and machines required for production. LeanCOST simplifies and accelerates the analysis of manufacturing costs from the early stages of design. 

    LeanCOST is currently used by our customers for the following professions: 

      • To choose the best production techniques by comparing different manufacturing strategies and predict the costs and time required to produce assemblies and components efficiently.
      • To obtain a target price upstream of supplier consultations, and to be able to buy at a fair price, and/or to evaluate the economic feasibility of the product in terms of "Make or Buy", to compare the quotations from the various suppliers and to support the negotiations objectively.
      • To develop economically sustainable projects by choosing the most economically efficient design variables, taking into account production techniques from the design phase.
      • To quickly estimate the manufacturing costs, which vary according to the quantities produced, and to send automatic quotations according to the customer's needs


  • iCOSMOS International - based in Paris & Lyon - Cost Management solutions

    iCOSMOS equips manufacturers of all sizes and in various sectors. The solutions aim to improve the costing process in both SMEs and big groups.

    To pretend to glimpse the future of estimation, iCOSMOS solutions are based on software, mostly from universities and recognized worldwide by industrial actors.