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  • Ermaksan Fibermak Gen-5 Laser Cutting Machine
    EuroBLECH 2022 Press release

    Ermaksan's Innovative Technologies at EuroBLECH 2022

    Published on 11/10/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 11/10/2022 - 09:14
  • Ermaksan is a leading industrial organization that shapes the sheet metal processing machines sector with its strong R&D, that produces high-quality machines with high technology.

    Continuing its investments on the path of sustainable growth without slowing down, Ermaksan contributes to efficient production in more than 120 countries through ERMAKUSA in the USA, ERMAK DEUTSCHLAND in Germany and its distinguished dealers around the world. In order to meet the customer expectations of the rapidly changing world and present the manufacturing technologies of the future today, it produced first metal 3D printer of Turkey with the brand ERMAKSAN ADDITIVE and offered it to the additive manufacturing world. EON PHOTONICS, which has first private sector semiconductor optoelectronic R&D center, continues its production and development activities of high-tech products such as laser technologies, FBG sensors, CNC controllers, Industry 4.0 applications.

    Continuously following the new trends and customer expectations, and designing and producing machines with advanced technology, high added value, that are environment friendly and energy saving, Ermaksan takes firm steps forward on the way of sustainable growth by using resources effectively and efficiently.

    Facilities of Ermaksan in Bursa, Turkey


  • FIBERTUBE – New Design Fully Automatic Laser Pipe/Profile Cutting Machine

    ERMAKSAN new full automatic pipe cutting machine with the automatic pipe loading section, the pipes loaded as a bundle, are separated and a pipe is made ready to be loaded into the chucks. Equipped with 3 kW IPG laser source and can process pipes Ø20 - Ø150, as well as square and rectangular.

    FIBERTUBE laser pipe and profile cutting machine has been designed to suit your specific needs and processes with a wide range of applications ranging from defense and aerospace to furniture.

    FIBERTUBE – New Design Fully Automatic Laser Pipe/Profile Cutting Machine


  • Fibermak Gen-5 with Towermak Automation System 15Kw Ermaksan Laser Source

    At the show you will find Ermaksan's new FIBERMAK Gen-5 laser cutting machine designed for increasing productivity and accuracy at higher cutting speeds, as well as including perfect combination of technologies make your business smarter. Meets all your needs with its renewed design. So, what is different? Many things, from top to bottom.

    Moreover, the Fibermak equipped with 15 kw Ermaksan’s own laser source will be presenting with Towermak Fully Automatic Sheet Metal Loading & Unloading System with 6 shelves. At the show, you will find how this integrated system will help you to maximize your productivity while making your business smarter.

    Fibermak Gen-5 with Towermak Automation System


  • Showcase Many New Technologies and Innovations at EuroBLECH 2022

    WeldErmak - New Integrated Robotic Laser Welding System

    It is excited to be exhibiting its new Integrated Robotic Welding System for the first time at Euroblech 2022. WeldErmak robotic laser welding system developed by Ermaksan to meet the expectation all kind of industrial laser welding application. High-performance fiber laser sources produced by Ermaksan with its advanced engineering experience allow you to obtain high-quality results in your industrial welding applications.

    ENAVISION TWIN 250 P – 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing Machine

    ENAVISION 250 to overcome complex difficulties in the industrial field and to make easy production of complex geometries. With its open-access architecture, it allows the use of different types of powder in various sectors.

    ENAVISION 250; It has a production volume of 250 mm x 250 mm x 300 mm. Offering flexibility and unlimited freedom to users with its open parameter structure, this model is equipped with a dual laser to meet different customer demands. This machine having a Dual Laser system increases the productivity of laser systems and speeds up the production of parts, thus increasing the production rate and productivity. Parts manufactured by laser melting, can be produced with a density of over 99% in standard parts and good mechanical properties.

    EPL 1530  -  Plasma Cutting Machine with Hypertherm XPR300

    On show the EPL 1530 plasma cutting machine equipped Hypertherm XPR300 plasma power source, Optimix gas console and TrueBevel technology. The machine provides wide and flexible solutions with its low investment and operation cost advantages, being appropriate to production lines and automation, improved accurate cutting quality. By combining new technology with refined processes for new generation, X-Definition cutting operations on black sheet, stainless steel and aluminum materials, XPR brings the HyDefinition cutting quality much further. All the capabilities of the Core and VWI consoles plus discrete 3-gas mixing – Ar, H2, and N2 – for the world’s most flexible, premium stainless steel and aluminum cutting capability.

    Speed Bend Pro 3100 x 175 Ton - New Design Same Great Press Brake

    The new design of Ermaksan hydraulic press brakes provides a fresh new look for the press brakes, as well as in a harmony with the Fibermak Gen-5 series which launched lately. As we continue to innovate and expand our product lineup, we wanted to refresh the brand look to make it unique, while at the same time, retaining some of the unique elements our customers have told us which they love.

    The new design of the Ermaksan press brakes is not only about the appearance but also includes some engineering designs and features significantly that facilitate the industrial life. Topped with a strong look, the updated design captured reproduced stylishly with no compromise to the previous concept. It is made of high-strength mono block st44 quality steel and has a rigid structure that is tension relieved with the state-of-the-art technology. Thus, they were ensured to have a long life. 

    We are glad to present you our press brakes with their more elegant, dynamic and different outlook. The new design belongs to ERMAKSAN and can not be copied and inimitable by virtue of its registration. This new design enclosure will be optional at your demand.


    EVO III 3100 x 100 Ton - Hybrid Press Brake

    Ermaksan will also showcase EVO-III Hybrid Press Brake with 6 axis backgauge, new generation machine which is most eco-friendly press brake an average 65% energy saving when used in comparison to standard press brakes. It has a special, closed circuit hydraulic system. It needs minimum maintenance compared to the hydraulic machines.

    The backgauge axes with AC servo motor can move precisely and quickly by means of precision ballscrew, reducer and rails. For full length bends, backgauge axis can be used to the maximum extent with a throat depth of 410 mm.


    Green Press FX Servo - Servo Motorized Electrical Press Brake

    The new generation press brake model Green Press FX Servo along uses servo-electric motor technology and makes a big difference in the sector by its environment-friendly structure without any contaminant. Standard of the machine is 3-meter length with 100 tons of power and also available at 1.6-meter, 2 meter, 2.5 meter lengths along with 40, 65 and 80 tons of power alternatives.

    High energy efficient servo motor is used. The motors will not work while the upper beam is not moving. That provides 69% energy savings. Also, 98% energy saving on stand-by mode. Motors work only when ram is moving down. No hydraulic system and cylinder were used on the machine. Since it is a completely mechanical machine, you can use it with less maintenance cost.

    There is no throat depth at this machine compared to ordinary press brakes, operator can make a full length bending between the columns on this sophisticated green technology servo brake. The body construction is bolt connected and the back gauge system is matchless by its maximum precise and trustable working.


    We proudly present our Innovative Technologies for the sheet metal world. Discover how technology is going to change the industrial world and make your business future-ready now. Ermaksan professional team looks forward to meeting you in Hanover, at our booth.

    Let’s discover additional information at the exhibition!