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  • Laser cutting piercing of thick sheet metal on an LS5
    LAMIERA 2022 Press release

    BLM GROUP at Lamiera

    Published on 27/04/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 27/04/2022 - 12:02
  • This high-end fully automatic, flexible and productive sheet laser cutting system is equipped with a 12kW IPG fibre laser source, Precitec Zoom 2.0 head and automatic sheet handling system with a compact 8-pallet tower warehouse.

  • LT7, this Lasertube system is the undisputed laser tube cutting benchmark

    The machine is equipped with a 3 kW IPG laser cutting source, an automatic loading system for tube bundles up to 6.5 m in length and an unloading system for tubes up to 4.5 m in length. The 3kW laser source allows tremendous manoeuvrability on a wide range of thicknesses and materials. 3D processing completes the framework of this extremely flexible system capable of managing the widest array of applications.

    LT360, the flexible and compact robot laser cutting system
    The LT360 is a 6-Axis laser cutting robotic system for bent, hydroformed, stamped parts with robot handling part during laser cutting. The machine exhibited has a 3 kW fibre laser source and is equipped with a comprehensive technology database in addition to state-of-the-art technological features, such as Active Focus for optimising the cutting process for high quality and productivity on any type of workpiece.

    Cutting a funnel on the LT360 robot laser cutting system


  • A complete software suite for managing processing technologies

    BLM GROUP offers a suite of native software that harnesses the power of the equipment to ensure excellent working performance and robust process features.

    A complete range of Customer-oriented services with dedicated solutions
    The BLM GROUP offers a wide range of services designed to accompany the customer throughout the lifecycle of the system to maintain the highest level of efficiency and machine availability, including software assistance and remote servicing agreements and various maintenance plan levels.