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  • Entry level of mobile extraction units for industrial welding: SmartFil sets a new standard
    Optimise your processes Press release

    Welding fume extraction : SmartFil with double capacity at a low price

    Published on 03/07/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Fri 03/07/2020 - 09:55
  • Developed for professional welders and yet affordable for newcomers: The new SmartFil extraction unit from KEMPER sets a new standard in mobile welding fume extraction for regular welding. Even in the basic version, it is the price/performance winner in its device class. At comparable price level, the SmartFil offers twice the filter surface and thus a significantly longer service life compared with similar systems. An even larger replacement filter and other accessories enable welders to further upgrade the extraction unit. Equipped for the first time with a round filter insert in this device class, KEMPER has also optimised the design to create a more attractive, rounded appearance.

    The more different the hazard potential, the more different the necessary welding fume extraction: Which extraction unit is suitable for an individual welding application depends on both the duration of use and the amount of welding fumes produced. "Our SmartFil now provides an extraction unit for a wide range of hazard intensities – and at the best price/performance ratio", emphasises Björn Kemper, CEO of KEMPER GmbH.

    Service life twice as long as comparable models
    The new extraction unit is available at a comparable price level to other industrial entry-level models but has by far the largest storage filter. At 25 square metres, the filter surface is in some cases twice as large as similar models. This means that even with the basic SmartFil equipment, welders achieve a significantly longer service life compared to conventional models.

    And that’s not all: Welders can further upgrade the SmartFil with optional accessories if required. The choice for the replacement filter is between the 25 square meter standard filter or a storage filter with a filter surface of 42 square meters that again extends the service life accordingly. In addition, the SmartFil can be optionally equipped with an automatic start/stop system and LED workplace lighting in the extraction hood.

    Extraction technology on a high level: Even the equipment of SmartFil offers a lot of advantages for industrial welders.

    Fit for the future by upgrading with KEMPER innovations
    While the optimised design of the extraction hood in the original equipment already makes less tracking necessary, the new KEMPER extraction hood available at the end of the year in the extended version in combination with the new 180 millimeter extraction arm ensures an even higher capture rate. The SmartFil is already designed for these additional accessories: KEMPERbeats, a Bluetooth loudspeaker for playing your own music, an LED strip and the integrated volume flow monitoring also make welding work even safer and more pleasant.

    KEMPER is also setting new standards in terms of design with the SmartFil. Like many comparable models, the extraction unit is no longer square but round. This is possible because – for the first time in this device class – KEMPER has integrated a round storage filter. As part of the housing, welders can easily remove this SafeChangeFilter from the extraction unit. This means that its disposal is completely contamination free.

    Thanks to its mobility and the 360-degree rotating exhaust hood, the compact system can be used flexibly at changing workplaces. Welders gain greater reach by integrating longer extraction arms of up to four meters in a pipe or flexible hose version. The SmartFil filters more than 99.5 percent of alveolar dust particles.

  • KEMPER optimises CleanAirTower and increases performance

    Clean working conditions for the entire production: With the comprehensive relaunch of the CleanAirTower, KEMPER is bringing its established general ventilation system to a higher level of protection. The extraction technology specialist has optimised the filter tower in terms of extraction capacity, plant safety, service life and design. 

    "Our CleanAirTower is the ideal addition to any air pollution control concept", emphasises Björn Kemper, Chairman of the Board of Directors of KEMPER GmbH. “In this way, metalworking companies effectively ensure the protection of their employees in welding and cutting processes, especially those with a high or very high risk potential."

    Room ventilationnext Level: KEMPER has optimised its CleanAirTower entirely and offers an even higher safety level now.

    Pinball method for greater plant safety
    Thanks to a completely redesigned internal construction, the extraction capacity increases by 10 percent compared to the previous model. The newly developed pinball method prevents sparks and coarse particles from penetrating the filter and damaging it. Because they collide with special sheet steel elements on the inside, their energy is automatically extracted. Thanks to the innovative air flow, the filter life is extended by 20 percent compared to the previous model. 

    In the new CleanAirTower, KEMPER has completely redesigned the head of the filter tower. Extraction openings are no longer located circumferentially on the side, but in the cover of the general ventilation system. A new tornado principle at the head of the filter tower ensures that the contaminated air is drawn in with a very high degree of efficiency. The optimisation also changes the design of the filter tower head. The element can be retrofitted in existing systems.

    Indispensable for high risk potential
    As part of a mix of measures for effective occupational safety, the CleanAirTower is the ideal supplement to source extraction. Especially for welding processes with high to very high potential risk, the general ventilation system helps to comply with limit values and ensure a high level of occupational safety. This means the CleanAirTower also ensures that employees at surrounding workplaces are effectively protected from welding fumes. It separates more than 99.9 percent of alveolar dust particles that could enter the bloodstream.

    The general ventilation system from KEMPER operates according to the recommended principle of layer ventilation. Automatic dust removal means that operation is uninterrupted. Welders dispose of the hazardous substances completely free of contamination. The optimised internal construction also reduces the cleaning effort. 

    Since the general ventilation system feeds the cleaned and heated air back into the hall, companies can save up to 70 percent of their heating costs. Instead of a one-off investment, the CleanAirTower is also available as a leasing model at attractive monthly instalments. For the market launch, KEMPER is bringing out a #nextlevel edition: The first 150 CleanAirTowers are being delivered by the manufacturer completely in black.