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    Blechexpo 2023 Press release

    Technical challenges and customization at Sideros: Interview with Brando Belloni

    Published on 31/01/24
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Submitted by uLZ2TnYgt7 on Wed 31/01/2024 - 13:33
  • In an ever-changing industrial world, technical challenges and the need for customized products are becoming crucial for cutting-edge companies. Metal-Interface had the opportunity to speak with Brando Belloni of Sideros, a company specializing in the development of customized solutions. In this interview, Brando Belloni shares valuable insights into the technical challenges faced by Sideros and the strategies adopted to meet each customer's unique needs.

  • The challenges of customization

    Sideros stands out for its ability to develop customized projects, responding to a strong demand for unique products. According to Brando Belloni, this process is time- and resource-intensive for the R&D department. Producing prototypes and managing time and cost constraints are major challenges. What's more, the development phase must be followed by careful attention to anticipating and resolving any problems that may arise.

  • Customer-centric approach and technical solutions

    For Brando Belloni, the first step in meeting these challenges is a rigorous technical assessment. Listening carefully to the customer's objectives and needs is fundamental. Sideros then proposes a range of potential solutions, taking a technical rather than a purely commercial approach. The R&D department's direct involvement in customer communications is also crucial to ensuring effective, personalized follow-up.

  • Case study: collaboration with siemens mobility

    Brando Belloni illustrates Sideros' approach by detailing their current collaboration with Siemens Mobility in Barcelona. Weekly meetings and constant communication via video calls are essential to keep the project on track. This close collaboration ensures that the customer's needs are continually integrated into the development process.

  • The importance of teamwork and communication

    According to Brando Belloni, teamwork and fluid communication between the customer and the R&D team are paramount. At Sideros, our multilingual staff facilitates this interaction, eliminating the need for an intermediary. This strategy strengthens customer confidence and underlines the fact that Sideros relies not just on one person, but on a complete team capable of following up orders on a daily basis.

  • Conclusion: key to sideros' success

    Sideros' ability to respond technically to customer needs is at the heart of its success. The company has two separate R&D departments for its Engineering and Machinery divisions, each playing a crucial role in product customization. Brando Belloni concludes that interaction, dialogue, listening and a competent R&D team are the key ingredients for successful delivery and customer satisfaction.