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  • CY2D LM3015 – Fiber optic laser system with linear motors and interfaceable with loading/unloading automated units
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    Cy-Laser: Fiber optic laser cutting systems for thicknesses up to 25 mm

    Published on 28/07/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 28/07/2020 - 11:24
  • As a manufacturer of fiber laser cutting and welding systems, Cy-Laser is considered to be a world leading company in the field. It is thanks to the Campana family and particularly to Livio Campana, that it was possible to discover, 15 years ago, the revolutionary laser technology for sheet metal and plates which has radically changed the entire field. Martina and Federico Campana, who have been managing the Venetian company for several years, successfully carry on the precious work started by their father by offering customers customized and highly technological solutions as well as standardized systems. Company’s philosophy has always been strongly linked to the “Made in Italy” and consequently to the choice of local and trustworthy partners which can guarantee an absolute quality of the materials used. Furthermore, the attention to a constant R&D of new technologies in combination with that of its territory which leads to the participation of projects and events of social responsibility as well as the strong and sincere bond with its own employees constitutes the great added value of Cy-Laser. 

    Cy-Laser headquarter

  • Main features of the Cy-Laser CY2D fiber laser cutting systems

    The EVO III proprietary cutting head represents another great added value for Cy-Laser, being the result of 15 years of experience in the cutting process. All our fiber optic cutting systems use OTS components available in the market meaning customer does not have forced retention. Further, the Cy-Laser systems are compatible also with the main CAD-CAM software in the market and can be interfaced with loading/unloading automations. There are two different constructive concepts which are proposed based on customer’s specific requirement. In the “Airplane” structure, having its main advantage in the mechanical stability, the moving parts are placed in the upper part and therefore constantly protected from dust and scraps. This version is versatile, precise and highly suitable for cutting medium/large thicknesses and has a bilateral access to the working area thanks to the total doors opening. The loading station can be placed laterally with respect to the machine body with the possibility of exiting the benches either on the right or on the left or frontally. The range includes formats of 3000x 1500, 4000 x 2000, 6000x2000 and 6000x2500; bigger units are also available on request. The “Gantry” system, available both with linear motors as well as high precision rack and pinion, thanks to its compact design requires a smaller installation area and it is ideal for cutting of thin/medium thicknesses and for massive production. It has an extremely modern and rounded design and due to its shape it’s currently available in the 3000x 1500 mm format. The access is possible only frontally but on request it is possible to install a mobile roller shutter on the roof to further ease the access. 

    Cy-Laser cutting head