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  • The proven MBM ASAS ME sludge extraction system meets the MBM WAB compact water treatment system
    Optimise your processes Press release

    MBM MEWAB - an innovative combination solution from MBM GmbH

    Published on 16/09/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 16/09/2020 - 12:39
  • Die MBM GmbH The company was founded in autumn 1990 with six employees. Back then, MBM Gmbh was active in the field of transport control technology and is now an established machine and system manufacturer for waterjet cutting technology. At the Euroblech trade fair in 2002, the newly developed abrasive sludge extraction system, or MBM ASAS for short, was presented to the European market with great success. To date, more than 1800 plants have been used by renowned water jet cutting machine manufacturers. In the last 18 years further modules for water jet cutting technology have been developed and offered to the international market. The latest development is a combination of a sludge suction system and a cutting water treatment system, which is also suitable for smaller water jet cutters and complies with European waste water discharge regulations. MBM MEWAB.

    Business segments of MBM GmbH

    machine- and plant engineering/construction

    • abrasive sludge extraction for water jet cutting machines

    • water cycle solutions for water jet cutting machines

    • multi deck screening machine

    • abrasive sand processing

    • water level reduction for water jet cutting machines special constructions

    welded construction/special products/Service
    protection in and at industrial halls/protection plank

  • MBM MEWAB - the new development of MBM GmbH

    The proved sludge extraction system for waterjet cutting machines is equipped with a new developed filter unit. The MBM MEWAB is developed primarily for small cutting plants with a consumption of abrasive up to 500g/min. On the newly developed base frame is next to an enlarged collection tank a cleaning unit with coordinated components. So it is possible to remove even the finest suspended particles from the cutting water. The upper attachment container is additionally equipped with stacker´s flaps. Thus, a safe transport and quick change of the Big Bags are possible without any problems.

    The optimizer of your waterjet cutting machine

    Benefits in the over-bick:

    • High economy with a reliable extraction process

    • Compliance with the European waste water discharge regulations

    • Less space is needed because of an innovative combined system

    • Because of additional stacker´s flaps uncomplicated transport of the container for example with a low ceiling height

    • Reduction of your waste and operating costs

    • Fully automatic circulation system

    • The MBM MEWAB can be installed up to 7 m away from the cutting tank

    • Integration in new or existing systems

    • Reduced disposal volume by drying the Big Bags an space saving remove for central waste disposal

    You are currently using a MBM ASAS ME and would like to benefit from the advantages of the new MBM MEWAB? No Problem! If you by a new MBM MEWAB, we will buy your system back.