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  • zani servo master 3200T, 7m bolsters, up-down bolster movement for die change
    Optimise your processes Press release

    Zani Mechanical Presses, eccentric and servo. engineer to order.

    Published on 24/06/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 24/06/2020 - 10:40
  • ZANI SPA METAL FORMING MACHINES is an Italian company which has been designing and producing presses for sheet metal forming since 1960, with applications in different fields: automotive, appliances, electronics, furniture and renewable energies.

    ZANI, with headquarter in Turate, Como Province, few kilometers north of Milan and not far from the Swiss border, is managed by the Zaffaroni's family now turned into the 3rd generation.

    Thanks to the organizational and technical know-how, ZANI is able to respond with dynamism and adaptability to the new market's requirements, knowing perfectly that every customer is unique.

    For this reason our machines, collected in four product families, are designed and realized on customer specifications.


    Our eccentric presses with capacity up to 630 Ton, 400 mm stroke length, and bolster up to 4000 mm

    Our link motion presses with different leverage systems with capacity up to 2500 Ton, 800 mm stroke length and up to 7000 mm bolster

    Our Servo presses with capacity up to 3200 Ton, 800 mm stroke length and bolster up to 7000 mm.

    Provided with one or more torque motors, directly linked to the kinematic, without flywheel and clutch, this kind of machines can reproduce any law of movement.

    Our presses for lamination with speed up to 300 strokes/min, capacity up to 300 Ton, 100mm stroke length and bolster up to 2000mm


    Moreover, we are able to supply complete lines, including coil line, transfer, automation systems and several solutions for quick die change, from the simplest brackets, to the most complex T-track systems.