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  • IperJet DF cartridge filter: efficiency, long life, energy savings and the possibility of remote monitoring thanks to the AHead LAMIERA 2022 Press release

    Coral IperJet DF with AHead System Remote: practicality, savings and safety

    Published on 14/04/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 14/04/2022 - 16:36
  • Coral IperJet DF is a horizontal cartridge filter, designed and built to extract and filter welding fumes, thick and fine dust, modest quantities of wood chips and fumes from thermal and laser cutting (in the case of the IperJet DF Thermal Cut model) with maximum efficiency. It adapts perfectly to all indoor environments and, thanks to its compact size and ease of movement, even in smaller ones.In a single module, there is everything necessary for a high quality filtration process, and, if equipped with Atex certified accessories, even in the case of potentially flammable or explosive dusts and gases. Moreover, IperJet DF allows the reintroduction of filtered air into the environment, allowing for significant energy savings in terms of heating or air conditioning of the working environment.


  • Automatic cleaning, long filter life and total control even from distance

    Filtering cartridges supplied with Coral IperJet DF last a long time: the inlet pre-chamber of the air to be filtered separates thicker dust depositing them in the first collection drawer, while the cartridges at the end of the path filter the finer remains, then expelling the clean air by an integrated high efficiency and very low noise fan. The automatic compressed air cleaning system allows constant maintenance of the filter cartridges and can be monitored via AHead System Remote, the innovative control device for switching on and off, filter cleaning adjustment based on the working volume, signaling of any clogging and remote monitoring of all the parameters of the HyperJet DF.