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  • Deep-drawn parts for connectors - STÜKEN ensures good contacts
    EuroBLECH 2022 Press release

    Deep-drawn parts for connectors - STÜKEN ensures good contacts

    Published on 06/10/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 06/10/2022 - 10:52
  • Connections are the lifeblood of our economy.  Advances in wireless data transmission create ever-greater connectivity.  Hybrid and electric vehicles pose new challenges for cables and connectors. STÜKEN ensures good contacts with metallic shielding and components for connectors.  Thanks to innovative deep drawing technology, there are almost no limits to the geometry of the components.

    Connectors are used everywhere.  They transmit power and data as well as optical and acoustic signals, thus connecting devices or components with each other.  They are used in automobiles, industry, data technology and telecommunications, and also in household and entertainment appliances.  One driver of innovation is high-frequency technology.  Thanks to wireless data transmission - keyword 5G - unprecedented connectivity on an extraordinary scale is possible.  Technologies such as Industry 4.0, autonomous driving and the Internet of Things would not be possible without connectors.  New frequency ranges, maximum signal quality and growing data volumes also mean new challenges for connectors.  Cables and connectors react sensitively to electromagnetic radiation, which is why shielding is necessary.  Nils Petersohn, Managing Director at STÜKEN explains: "With our years of experience, we offer metallic shielding of the highest precision.  We provide our customers with comprehensive advice, from material selection to finishing.  Our ultimate goal is for our customers to succeed in their market."

  • The ongoing miniaturization of electronics is another driving factor

    Processors and data memory are becoming increasingly powerful, allowing developers to make systems smaller, more complex, and more intelligent.  One goal is to achieve the greatest possible performance with the smallest possible size.  "We supply micro parts every day with dimensions of less than 1 millimeter in reliable quality and high volumes.  Long sleeves with very small diameters are also part of our product range.  Such sleeves are used in contact probes, for example" says Petersohn.

    Electromobility is also a growth driver for the demand for connectors. "In the high-voltage cabling of electric and hybrid vehicles, components are subject to higher stress, for instance in terms of temperature.  The design of the components, the choice of materials and the contact surfaces need to be designed to meet these requirements.  Electromagnetic compatibility has to be incorporated into product development and product design at an early stage," clarifies Petersohn.  "STÜKEN products already fulfill many functions in electric vehicles.  We know the requirements and can provide our customers with sound advice.  A compact design and low weight often play an important role.  Deep-drawn parts are inherently lightweight components due to the material hardening during cold forming, and there are almost no limits to the geometry of the components at STÜKEN: whether round, square or oval, combinations of these or even free-form shapes - our developers, tool shop, and deep-drawing production make it possible."