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  • Multi- press line for the manufacturing of diesel/oil filter cartridges Optimise your processes Press release

    GALDABINI Multi-press Line for Filter Cartridges Stamping

    Publié le 25/06/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 25/06/2020 - 08:47
  • Galdabini manufactures precision straightening machines, material testing machines and hydraulic presses.

    The company is composed of two corporate headquarters located in Italy and Switzerland. Galdabini provides state of the art technology, crafted with the highest quality, by the most knowledgeable engineers in the industry.

    We are future oriented and are constantly developing new solutions and technology which anticipate the needs of the market. Our Technology Center is a testament to our spirit of innovation. Our 600 sqm facility is equipped with our latest technologies and ready for demonstrations and customer sample testing.

    Our culture towards machines goes instinctively on customer service. A top-level service means granting one-to-one relation with skilled personnel, spare parts on call and efficient on-site assistance. Customer loyalty and gained esteem are our successful key factors.

  • GALDABINI Multi-press Line for Filter Cartridges Stamping

    The Multi- press line for the manufacturing of diesel/oil filter cartridges can achieve a production rate of more than 800 pcs/hour diameter up to 133 mm and height up to 320 mm. The line is starting from coil, by quinconce feeding (zig-zag) to minimize material scraps.

    The line is constituted by a Press for blanking-drawing operation and a 4-independent axis.
    Multi-press for the following steps; both machines are feeded with pick & place and double bar automation, 19 families of specific and interchangeable dies. The operations of blanking, drawing, elongation, forming, calibration and final blanking are performed. The line set-up and the dies change are automatic, with a complete changeover in less than 20 minutes.