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  • Twincut20dm10 Slitting and cut to length line EuroBLECH 2022 Press release


    Publié le 13/10/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 13/10/2022 - 20:14
  • Ekicontrol Coil Processing Lines, is a company located in the Basque Country, Spain, since 1986.

    We are dedicated to the design, manufacture and installation of lines for the processing products of carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium coils.

    Cut-to-length lines, Slitting lines, Multiblanking slitting lines, Combined slitting lines, Press feeding lines, Peripherals.

    Hundreds of companies around the world already trust Ekicontrol.

    Manufacturers of industrial kitchens, industrial refrigeration, lifts, silos, metallic walls, metallic furniture, industrial buildings, road signs, household appliances, lighting, service centres...

    For our customers, it is important to start their production processes from coils. They are aware of the efficiency of production starting from coil, to save time, save on material waste, increase productivity, control the process, flexibility in special measures...

    More and more customers need to feed a punching machine, a laser, a sheet metal warehouse directly from coil.

    We listen to your needs and work together to find the most suitable solution. We are the present, the now...

  • Coil cutting technologies to increase your productivity and reduce waste ..

    We have a team of engineers where we develop products and technologies to help and improve companies in their sheet metal cutting processes. Low maintenance, highly efficient and productive as they are:

    Slitting Lines, Cut to length lines, Combinated Slitting and cut to length lines, Feeding and handling lines, Decoilers and Recoilers, Coil cars, Sheet Stackers, Shears, Peripherics, etc 

    to increase your production processes without worrying about cutting machinery.

    Integrations between our cutting lines and other machines such as punching machines, lasers, sheet metal warehouses and we adapt to any brand on the market, Salvagnini, Danobat, Trumpf, Amada, Prima power, Euromac, etc.

  • TWINCUT20DM10 - Combinated Slitting and cut to length line.

    Very compact and useful line designed to be ready and setup very quickly. The 7 rolls starigthener and the Slitting head in the same frame of the machine, gives the possibility to cut in differents width sizes the aluminium, galvanised, inox materal.

    Cut off with a static shear.

    All the machine is operated from the touch screen where the operator add length to cut and the number of pieces need.

    It can be customized with stackers, scrap rewinders, paper rewinder, flying shear, plastic adding device, label printer, weight cells, multi decoilers, coils cars, etc.twincut20dm10