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  • Saturn nitrogen generator produces high pressure, hyper-pure nitrogen
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    ErreDue: on-site production of gas for cutting and heat treatment

    Published on 02/10/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Fri 02/10/2020 - 12:42
  • ErreDue's facility in Livorno, ItalyErreDue SpA designs, manufactures and markets highly innovative and performing solutions for on-site production, mixing and purification of gases for industrial and laboratory uses.

    In the industrial field, gases find application in an increasingly wide range of production processes: in the sectors of laser cutting and sheet metal heat treatment, where Erredue works mainly with the Saturn and NitroBox nitrogen generators, the purity of the gas generated allows client companies to make cuts of excellent quality.

    The gases produced on site by Erredue generators are intended for many industrial applications such as Welding, MAP Packaging, Enology, Energy, Pharmaceutical Industry, Precious Metals, Naval, Sintering.

    Erredue develops technologies to help companies improve production, safety and quality of work. Each solution that ErreDue makes available to the industry, aims to make the customer self-sufficient in gas supply, also increasing the safety level of the production cycle and protecting the company from the criticalities of cylinder usage. 

    Each product is certified and tested in order to guarantee maximum reliability over time, and is supported by a highly specialized and competent technical service able to solve customer issues promptly.

  • Aiming for the future - ErreDue Spa on-site gas generators



      From water, ErreDue electrolytic generators produce hydrogen and oxygen with very high purity (up to 99.9999%) for every need, with flow rates from a few liters per hour up to several hundred cubic meters / hour, already at the desired pressure ( up to 30 bar).


      From air, the molecular sieve generators produce nitrogen with very high purity (up to 99.9999%) for every need, with flow rates from a few liters per hour up to thousands of      cubic meters /h and at any pressure required, directly or through compressors.


     From air, our molecular sieve generators produce pure oxygen for all needs, with flow rates from a few liters / hour up to thousands of cubic meters / hour.


    The company's vision is guided by three cardinal points:


    The energy deployed by ErreDue aims to bring innovation to the various application sectors: Erredue solutions have always been created with a glance to the future.


    On site gas production eliminates greenhouse gas emissions due to the transport of cylinders. The gas produced directly at the required pressure allows considerable energy savings and may eliminate the need for a compressor.
      Hydrogen used as the energy carrier allows the best use of existing renewable sources and facilitates their development and diffusion.


      Reduction of the risk of accidents: the gas produced at the required pressure eliminates the risk of explosion and those due to the transport and handling of                compressed gases.


  • NitroBox and Saturn: nitrogen at the service of sheet metal laser cutting

    ErreDue's NitroboxErredue designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of solutions for gas generation and purification. The production of nitrogen gas for the laser cutting and sheet metal heat treatment industry is based on two leading products: the Saturn and NitroBox nitrogen generators.

    Both produce extremely high purity nitrogen - up to 99.9999% - responding to the industry's need to have a protective gas capable of avoiding even the slightest oxidation of the part to be cut.

    The Saturn nitrogen generator, thanks to the integrated purifier, produces hyper-pure nitrogen (5 ppm residual oxygen) at very high pressures to assist in the cutting of high thicknesses (up to 20 mm) with excellent cutting quality. Thanks to the minimal presence of oxygen, in fact, the cutting edge undergoes virtually imperceptible oxidation, reaching very high levels of brilliance.
    Furthermore, the Saturn nitrogen generator, thanks to the high oxygen consumption optimization ratio, allows using smaller compressors, thus significantly reducing electricity consumption.

    The NitroBox nitrogen generator is a plug & play, compact and simple solution for the on-site production of nitrogen under pressure for those applications where very high gas purity is required.
    Literally plug & play, NitroBox is directly liftable with a forklift. Once in place, it just needs to be connected to the mains for immediate use.