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  • milling, water jet, thermoforming, laser, polishing, and knife cutting... reaching industrials in various sectors. Water jet cutting Press release

    Mécanuméric: milling, water jet, thermoforming, laser, polishing, and knife cutting

Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Mon 27/05/2019 - 10:27
  • Founded by 12 enthusiasts in 1994 in Albi (Tarn), MÉCANUMÉRIC has been designing, manufacturing, marketing and monitoring multi-technology digital control equipment for almost 25 years.


    Nowadays, Mécanuméric employs nearly 150 people and continues to grow in France and abroad. With over 30% in Export sales, it's putting French know-how on centre stage in about sixty countries.

    Machine de découpe jet d'eau MécanuméricThe company masters various processing technologies: milling, water jet, thermoforming, laser, polishing, and knife cutting... reaching industrials in various sectors.

    Mécanuméric offers a range of "standard" machines with waterjet technology, each available in several formats and with various options: from the compact cutting centre to the large format machine with 6,200 bar pumps, the company's water jet cutting machines are used by a great deal of industrialists.

    "Our true strength is that we handle the entire production chain in house. We handle the design, manufacturing, marketing, installation, training, maintenance, sale of consumables, hotline... all from our site in Albi! A true benefit for our customers who are looking for a comprehensive solution and a team that supports them throughout the life-span of the machine." explains Arthur PAIS.

    Insourcing that also allows Mécanuméric to carry out projects that are perfectly custom-made for their customers: large format machines, specific options, additional functionalities...

    In conclusion, Arthur PAIS specifies that "Mécanuméric works in collaboration with leading suppliers of the industry (BFT, KMT, ALMA, IGEMS, etc...) to offer innovative and efficient solutions to its customers which meet their specific requirements".

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