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  • The cover of the new book, translated in 5 languages and available on Amazon
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    "The Revolution of Efficiency" in sheet metal: new book by Andrea Dallan

    Published on 09/07/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 09/07/2020 - 16:09
  • Dallan Spa was established in 1978, and employs 160 technicians, engineers and employees to produce advanced processing and packaging systems for thin sheet metal (0,2-2mm). The main specialities of Dallan are roll forming and packaging systems for Plasterboard profiles, Rolling Shutters, Metal Ceilings and Venetian blinds, and coil fed punching and laser cutting systems. The control of the production cycle is complete and goes from the engineering to the production of tools, rollers, electrical cabinets and software. Service and teleservice are one of the strong points for Dallan, that provides all software teleservice with 9 internal software engineers. Dallan is located in northern Italy, 40km from Venice airport and exports its systems in more than 80 countries. Dallan has also a subsidiary in the USA, Dallan America Corp based in Ohio, with local service guaranteed.

  • The Revolution of Efficiency: the book by Andrea Dallan

    Andrea Dallan, CEO of Dallan Spa, has just published a 330 pages book on the subject of Efficiency. Nowadays, making a company efficient means making it more secure, solid and profitable. Being efficient means producing with less resources, thereby increasing margins. The resources of interest to an entrepreneur are, for example: raw materials, energy, time and labor. Therefore, the efficiency of processes is analyzed under various aspects: Automation, Productivity, Flexibility and Sustainability. This account of the author's experiences accompanies us on the discovery of efficiency through case studies, uses and difficulties that have been overcome thanks to analyzes outside the box. In addition, it provides simple calculation tools for organizing production, calculating the cost of production, investment payback and Make or Buy analysis.

    The book is already available on Amazon!