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  • Flexilines - Coil fed lines - Lean manufacturing solutions
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    DIMECO : Coil fed solutions

    Published on 29/09/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 29/09/2020 - 17:14
  • DIMECO Flexilines  - Flexible punching lines

    Familly owned business, founded in the early 1957, Dimeco is now one of the world leaders for sheet metal coil production systems.
    Georges Jeanney, the founder, very early realized the market is worldwide and brought Dimeco to its actual 75% export level
    The rise of coil process in the years 1962 required the erection of a brand new production plant in the surroundings of Besançon, capital of French Stamping business.
    Reaching now 8000 m² (86000 sq ft), it is a large modern factory managed with lean Engineering process in order to get the best from is highly skilled working force…
    After Georges Jeanney’s death in 2009, Christine, his daughter, took over the chairmanship and is fully dedicated to go further in world market development.

    Dimeco R & D department designs all our products, as well for mechanical engineering as for controls and software and allows large product customization.
    Our working force includes about 100 people in Pirey (France), 35 in Oiartzun (Spain) and 8 in the Pune (India) joint venture.


    DIMECO Solutions


  • Flexible Punching lines : solutions according to each need


    • Hydraulic punching bench : economical solution

    The punching bench concept is the most economical flexible punching solution.

    DIMECO can provide custom made solutions with attractive return in investment.

    DIMECO Hydraulic punching bench


    • LINAPUNCH® MCE, Electrical Multi-Configuration =  productivity & flexibility

    The electrical LINAPUNCH® is a coil-fed MULTI-AXIS punching machine, using the same standard cartridge tools as most of the turret punch presses available on the market. Patented concept, well known and recognized by many users all over the world since the last 35 years, it has been constantly improved to meet today’s highest markets demands.

    Poinçonneuse LINAPUNCH MCE

    Extra components can be added to the basic configuration, such as a hydraulic straight frame unit, for higher tonnage requirement or a laser cutting head, in order to achieve the trickiest shapes.

    Linapunch® is the best solution combining productivity and flexibility.

    Dimeco can also propose numerous automation systems, so as to sort and stack the punched parts, which allows hours of unmanned production hours.

    ? Linapunch® main features

    • Speed from 200 to 350 strokes per minute
    • 20 tons
    • Coil width up to 1500 mm
    • Tooling capacity: up to 72 in multi tool configuration

    The advantages of Linapunch®

    LINAPUNCH MCE Punching machine

    ? Direct cost reduction of the parts thanks to a cheaper material, an optimized material utilization and a very cost effective tooling

    ? No limitation in part length thanks to the use of a coil

    ? Downtime optimized thanks to the great quantity of tools available in the machine

    ? Batch sizes are reduced to the minimum requirement, avoiding any unnecessary inventory

    ? Incoming material storage place is less with coil


  • ROTOBLOC by DIMECO: lean manufacturing solutions

    Since 1985, we offer solutions to optimize tool changeover time.

    SMED METHODS “SINGLE MINUTE EXCHANGE OF DIE” is one of the lean manufacturing tool concept enabling you to increase a process productivity. It’s a quick and easy way to switch from one production to the other.

    Optimizing the downtime helps decreasing the batch size. Therefore, the fund dedicated to the inventory throughout the production process is also reduced.

    As part of the lean manufacturing, the Rotobloc trucks help achieving optimized production changeover times, in the safest way.

    The main 2 types of trucks are either dedicated to coil handling or die & mold handling.

    DIMECO Coil Pick & Tilt
    • Coil Pick &Tilt : Electric truck designed for coil handling

    Loading of a coil (or stack of coils) from a pallet to the uncoiler, without any manual operation.The reverse process (unloading) is as simple. This solution is the perfect one for expensive material, as the tilting of the coil is achieved in the safest manner, without damaging the coil.


    Coil weight: 2 tons

    Maxi coil width: 500 mm

    OD: from 600 to 1500 mm

    Other dimensions upon request

    Coil Pick & Tilt demo


    • LIFTMATIC TPI : Electric truck for die and mold handling

    Loading/unloading dies can be achieved in the safest way, thanks to the push&pull hydraulic device.


    Die/mould max weight: 2 tonnes.

    Max tool width: 1400 mm.

    Tool depth: from 400 to 1000 mm.

    Other dimensions upon request

    DIMECO Coil and Die handling trucks

    Thanks to the Rotobloc Solutions, your downtimes are optimized in the safest way.