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  • Voortman Steel Machinery - V807
    Optimise your processes Press release

    High-end CNC machinery & solutions for steel fabricators and manufacturers

    Published on 13/07/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Mon 13/07/2020 - 11:21
  • Voortman Steel Machinery has been designing and developing CNC-controlled machines and solutions for the steel fabrication and manufacturing industry for 50 years. With international subsidiaries responsible for sales and service and more than 500 dedicated employees, we are continuously developing new machines and solutions, while providing an optimal experience in order to meet your needs in the best possible way.

    We understand your challenges

    We stand for ‘Accelerating performance’. In order to achieve this, we work with you from start to finish and take the position that every challenge, wish, need or demand from your side matter. Through the interaction with users of thousands Voortman machines installed worldwide, our own steel fabrication company – Voortman Steel Construction – and our own cutting production facility - Voortman Parts - we understand your challenges like no other. Whether it is about streamlining & automating your entire workflow, improving your product quality, adding or replacing processes and increasing automation in your workshop, we will work with you from the very beginning to find the best solution.

    Where other companies rather say 'no' to complex demands or large machine lines, our enthusiasm rises and our brains start to run at full speed. Making small installations and complex, large machine lines successful; that has become our specialty over the years. And if you are satisfied and your goals are reached, we can also look back at the project in a satisfied way. And that's what we strive for, satisfied customers. Our service does not end once the complete solution has been installed and delivered at your workshop. By means of Voortman’s well-known high-end worldwide service, we make sure that your machine and production is always up and running. This excellent service combined with our expertise, proven solutions and the high degree of automation and flexibility in our machinery and solutions, enable you to Accelerate Your Performance and lead the way in your market together with Voortman!

  • Plate processing solutions for ready parts & process optimization

    Creating ready parts with Plate processing solutions with multiple processes

    A streamlined automated production process in which no intermediate stock is built up and every actions adds value to your end product is desirable. In order to create the most efficient, flexible and streamlined production process, Voortman is committed to designing and developing precision steel plate processing machines for manufacturers to output production-ready parts. Our CNC plate processing machines such as the V310, V304, V320, V325 integrate many functions to optimize your workflow and reduce your cost per part, including 3D precision plasma bevel cutting, oxy-fuel cutting, drilling, marking and milling. Additionally, we recently launched some great new features for our plate processing machines, focusing on lengthening unmanned production in your workshop. 

    Voortman Steel Machinery - Creating ready parts with Plate processing solutions


    Process optimization from work preparation to end product with Voortman & SigmaNEST

    To increase your material optimization and cutting efficiency, all Voortman plate cutting machines come equipped with SigmaNEST. Using SigmaNEST advanced nesting solution in combination with Voortman machines, it is possible to optimize your whole fabrication process from work preparation to end product thus improving your business profitability. Check out our brand new website to find out more! 

    Voortman Machines & SigmaNEST Solutions

    For example, the calculation of all operations into accurate customer-specific quotations is easily realized by a smart quoting module, so that you have to program and calculate less than before. You can also schedule work orders accurately in one simple planning tool and automatically assign those work orders to machines. In addition, you can monitor production in real-time and your planning is automatically updated when the machine is running. Machines with multiple work orders can also be efficiently unloaded using a real-time tracking and sorting solution. Finally, a continuous mutual data flow between your different software systems and or databases is made possible by the so-called SimTrans module.


  • The new v807 robotic coping / profile cutting machine 

    The new Voortman V807 Robotic coping / profile cutting machine

    We often get asked by steel fabricators if there is one ideal application solution capable of addressing all their processing needs. The most versatile application process in most cases is coping, and the machine capable of being as close to a “all-in-one” solution as possible is the NEW Voortman V807 robotic plasma thermal profile processing machine. The V807 is capable of plasma and oxy-fuel cutting with more throughput than other robotic profile processing machines in the market!

    After the widely successful V808, the V807 is the result of years of experience, research and development to drastically reduce the machine's footprint and enhance the already superior capability and performance.

    Copes, bolt holes, slots, notches, bevels, weld preparations and layout markings - The V807 can process it all in one pass with the ability to reach all four sides of the material with exceptional speed and accuracy! The V807 provides a quicker return on investment with cost savings over separate solutions for drilling, milling, sawing, punching, shearing and marking. Load raw material and unload finished products automatically!

  • Multi System Integration – Creating a fully automated integrated production

    Multi System Integration - Voortman

    The new V807 and many other Voortman beam processing machines, can easily be integrated into a fully automated production line, also referred to as MSI, or Multi System Integration. MSI opens the door to fully automate your production by connecting Voortman machines with cross transports, roller conveyors, product buffers, and material sensors. Production data only needs to be imported once and then MSI automatically distributes the data to all machines integrated in your production system. Manually transporting materials through the production line can be eliminated by creating one integrated production system. MSI aims to reduce the number of manhours needed per ton produced to a minimum with built-in smart production algorithms in the CNC VACAM control software. Every Voortman machine runs on the same software and syncs with the master CNC controller, allowing your material to be rerouted and directed remotely without any manual intervention. You can track and monitor everything in real time by using VACAM.

    When first seeing a complete Voortman MSI production line, steel fabricators are often surprised at the large amount of material that is moving through the system with only a few people overseeing production. Customers quickly realize how the complete system is necessary for them to remain competitive and reduce their overall cost per ton.