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    Schweissen & Schneiden 2023 Press release

    Challenges in the bevelling machine market: A conversation with Aymeric Fournel of Protem GmbH

    Published on 21/11/23
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Submitted by benoit.cantin on Tue 21/11/2023 - 21:18
  • In the intricate landscape of the bevelling machine market, manufacturers confront a myriad of challenges. Metal-Interface recently sat down with Aymeric Fournel of Protem GmbH, a pivotal figure in the industry, to delve deep into these challenges and the innovative strategies Protem GmbH employs to tackle them.

  • Facing the realities of unfair competition and market authenticity

    Aymeric Fournel candidly expressed his concerns over the rising competition from low-cost countries and the misleading practices of some European importers. A significant issue is the deceptive "Made in Germany" or "Made in Europe" labels placed on products that do not genuinely originate from these areas. The lax regulations, which allow a mere 60% added value on a project to qualify for such labels, are exacerbating the situation.


    To shed light on this, Aymeric provided an illustrative example. A machine sold at €300 can be deceptively costed by incorporating various factors such as labor, administrative overheads, internal tests, and minor alterations. This manipulation results in a total of €120, leading to a falsely claimed 100% added value, thereby enabling the product to sport the "Made in Germany" or "Made in France" tags. These practices disrupt the market equilibrium, violate copyrights, and cause unforeseen price and delivery time fluctuations.

  • The ripple effect of external market dynamics

    Beyond authenticity issues, the bevelling machine industry must grapple with unpredictable external market forces. Aymeric highlighted how sudden decisions by oil contractors to slash their production volumes can cause a cascade of effects, from soaring oil prices to diminished investments, further complicating the industry's trajectory.

  • The Protem GmbH approach: Local manufacturing and quality

    When queried about Protem GmbH's countermeasures to these challenges, Aymeric emphasized the company's unwavering commitment to European manufacturing, especially in Germany and France. This dedication not only bolsters the local industry but also assures unparalleled quality. Even if it necessitates trimming profit margins to stay competitive against contenders from nations like India and China, Protem GmbH is steadfast in its vision and the unparalleled value it delivers.

  • Revamping communication and prioritizing trust

    Given the multifaceted challenges, Protem GmbH has recalibrated its communication strategy. Moving beyond mere price competition, the company accentuates its core values: local craftsmanship and unwavering quality. Their marketing blueprint is succinct, leaning heavily on exhibitions and, most crucially, customer feedback.

    Aymeric firmly believes in the ripple effect of customer satisfaction. A contented customer not only brings in referrals but also remains a loyal patron, propelling the company to expand its market footprint. Protem GmbH's bevelling machine, for instance, has achieved iconic status in Germany, becoming a byword for quality. This brand resonance, coupled with unwavering customer trust, is the cornerstone of their success.

  • Conclusion

    The bevelling machine market is replete with challenges ranging from market authenticity issues to unpredictable external forces. However, companies like Protem GmbH, steered by visionaries like Aymeric Fournel, exemplify resilience and adaptability. Their unwavering commitment to quality, local production, and customer trust will undoubtedly be instrumental in shaping the industry's future trajectory.