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  • Choose TOA DR precision slitting tools can keep the clearance and reach the best strip edge. Optimise your processes Press release

    Do you have burr's problems when you are slitting?

    Publié le 10/07/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Fri 10/07/2020 - 10:58
  • Toa Dr company do manufacture precision slitting machine and slitter knife, and to be highly praised and appreciated by our customers. To meet customers' requirements, we supply various type of slitting machines, slitter knives, slitter spacers, and slitting relative accessories. All kinds of metal, bi-metal coils, SUS, titanium, CRGO, CRNGO and non-iron metal coils can be easily slit by Toa Dr made slitting machines.

    Worldwide sale records - Brazil, Russia, Japan, China, and south Asia. Sincerity, profession, and innovation are mottos used to serve its clients. Thus, the company is able to turn out high quality and high caliber products, as an attempt to create more added values eventually.

  • Do you know how to reduce strip's burr when slitting.

    There are many reasons that could affect strip's quality, most of quality issue is the edge burrs.

    The burr's problem could make the strip's width oversize, you may face the deliver rejection. 

    Let's study this news and avoid these problems from now on.

    TOA DR offers three Steps to reduce strip's burr when slitting:

    Step 1: Clean or repair   

    Clean up and check slitter knives, slitter spacers, and slitter head shaft.

    We have to replace the tools, If they are rusty, cracked or not sharp enough.

    Step 2: Mount on the arbor

    When you mount the slitter knives and slitter spacers on arbor, that there is absolute clean between them.

    Step 3: Knives clearance should be precise and balanced

    After mounting, We need to rotate the arbors to check the clearance is right and balanced.

    If the clearance is not as expected, but you did fallow the step 1 and 2, maybe you need to check the tools quality and the machine precision.

    If it is as expected, you can adjust vertical knife clearance appropriately to make the strips just to be cut off, and then you can continue the slitting processing without edge problem.