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  • Six axis machine with vertical mobile Spindle
    LAMIERA 2022 Press release

    Trimming, Beading, Flanging, Curling, Ribbing machines.

    Published on 12/04/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Tue 12/04/2022 - 16:51
  • Stand A11 HALL13

    PB Engineering builds systems for sheet metal processing of edging, trimming, flanging, curling and seaming on deep-drawn or calendered parts of all shapes. Applications with electric or hydraulic axes, customized automatic systems  with the use of robots, shears cutters diam. max 5000 mm. It has expanded the production with machine for endforming process: reducing, expanding, forming,  I/O or C calibration,  flaring and calibration. It is the exclusive distributor in Italy for the wide range of machines produced by KURTH + HEUSER Sondermachinenbau Germany. We offer a special consulting for your requests.  You can contact us at our email address,  by sending us a drawing  to get a custumized consulting. 

  • PB Engineering builds special machines and special systems.

    To satisfy every need, there are 5 large families, each of which developed into a complete series of models for every market need.

    1. Trimming, beading, flanged, curling, self-locking seamer type R / RP, with motorized spindle, for high productions with special expansion system. PB builds machines with pneumatic or hydraulic system, in the standard versions, for machining diameters up to 5500mm and thicknesses up to 8mm.
    2. RCM-type trimming, beading and beading machine, they work without expansion tools and are suitable for medium or smaller productions. In this case, the customer saves the construction of the special equipment expansion tool and reduces set-up times. This solution can run up to 8 mm in diameter up to 2500 mm.
    3. MTD type circular shears and edgebanders, suitable for the production of discs or rings. By trimming the conical parts and after setting up the machine it is possible to make a flange on the perimeter. The final products are tanks, tanks for wine, oil and corn. PB Engineering produces MTD type circular shears, in the standard version, for machining thicknesses up to 8mm and diameters up to 8000mm.
    4. End bending machine. It is dedicated to all small diameter processes such as tube expansion, flaring or I/O o C calibration and forming. Special and customized solution for each line.
    5. Units with electric and hydrauliC axis CM.
    6. Machine with vertical mobile spindle CN 
    7. Special and customized solutions for automatic trimming and edging lines.

    Please contact our office for a customized consulting.