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  • SERCO TU600
    Global-Industrie 2023 Press release

    Portable Facing and Boring Machine SERCO TU600 (Ø 0" - 23.62")

    Published on 13/02/23
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Mon 13/02/2023 - 16:24
  • The TU600 is undoubtedly the most versatile machine in the SERCO range.

    Its reduced weight 65 kg (143 LB), large capacity (Ø 0 mm - 600 mm ; 0”-23.62”) and high-precision machining (0.01 mm) mean that the machine is an uncontested leader in the world of onsite machining.

    Moreover, this machine has automatic or manual axial and radial feed movements and can be equipped with a system for making RTJ groove bearing surfaces.

    It provides a surface finish ranging from Ra 0.8 to Ra 12.7 depending on the technical requirements of the applications.

    The TU600 can also be used with the chain clamping device FC745 and does not require a special hoisting and handling system.

  • Technical specifications of the machine SERCO TU600

    The machine is positioned and locked by means of a column-arm system fixed on the outside of the part to be machined. This clamping principle allows to perform internal machining works.

    The set-up of the machine is easy and fast.

    It can be adjusted very accurately (concentricity and parallelism within a 1-100th mm precision).

    Available with a pneumatic, electric or hydraulic motor.

    • Machining ø : 0 mm to 600 mm (0‘‘ - 23.62‘‘)
    • Clamping ø : 220 mm to 720 mm (9.84‘‘ - 28.4‘‘)
    • Radial feed : 60 mm (2.4“)
    • Radial auto-feed : 0,05 and 0,15 mm-revolution (2 speeds)
    • Axial feed : 135 mm (5.3“)
    • Axial auto-feed : 0 to 8 mm-min
    • Automatic rapid return : 1 mm-revolution
    • Maxi power driving motor (with 6 bar) : 780 Watt
    • Maxi power boring motor : 150 Watt
    • Free spindle rotation speed : up to 80 rev-min
    • Working air pressure : 5 to 7 bar
    • Air consumption : 1500 l-min