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  • Piezoelectric elements (PZT) are those materials which have the capacity to generate electricity when put under stress
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    Sparkler Ceramics: A Name To Reckon With In The Piezo Elements Industry

    Published on 02/06/21
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 02/06/2021 - 17:57
  • Piezoelectric elements (PZT) are those materials which have the capacity to generate electricity when put under stress or vibrations. PZT devices are easy to install, highly responsive as well as replaceable. This makes them indispensible across industries such as consumer electronics, engineering products, medical devices, aviation, defence, etc. Sparkler Ceramics is presently the largest manufacturer of PZT elements and devices in the whole of South Asia. It got itself registered under the Companies Act 1956, in the year 1990 and started its full scale commercial production from 1994.


    Some of the products being manufactured are as follows:

    - Lead Zirconate Titanate

    - PZT Titanate

    - Lead Titanate

    - Piezo rings based on PT

    - Disks

    - Piezo Tubes

    - Cylinders

    - Plates

    - Patches

    - Hemispheres

    - Ultrasonic Cleaning Langevin transducers

    - Customized probes and devices

    The products can be divided into 6 broad categories namely SP-5A, SP-5J, SP-5H, SP-4, SP-8 and SP-2. The five categories adhere to the international US DOD MIL STD 1376 and the SP-2 is just a modified version of Lead Titanate.

    Manufacturing Standards

    The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and follows zero tolerance policy for defects and ensures that not even a single sub-standard or defective product leaves its premises for the market.

    For its clients, Sparkler Ceramics represents transparent dealings, highest quality products and fair prices.

    International Player

    Sparkler Ceramics has strong presence in international markets as well and is registered with the Electronics and Software Export Promotion Council.

  • About Sparkler Ceramics - KEY PRODUCTS MANUFACTURED

    Sparkler Ceramics registered in 1990 as a Pvt. Ltd. Company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. Started its Commercial Production in 1994; Sparkler Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. is now the largest manufacturer of piezoelectric elements in South Asia. The company is a member of the Electronics and Software Export Promotion Council; India..The Company supplies its products worldwide. Manufacturing activity is focused on Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) and Lead Titanate (PT) based piezoelectric elements and devices. The current range of production comprises of 5 grades of PZTs namely SP-5A, SP-5J, SP-5H, SP-4 and SP-8 which confirm broadly to US DOD MIL STD 1376. Sixth grade is SP-2 material, which is a modified form of Lead Titanate.Special grades of material for specific applications are also manufactured.

    Lead Zirconate Titanate,PZT and Lead Titanate, PT based Piezoceramic Rings,Disks,Tubes,Cylinders,Plates,Patches, Hemispheres,Ultrasonic Cleaning Langevin transducers and customs probes/devices.