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    EZ digital angle measurement instrument(wireless) for press brake

    Publié le 13/10/20
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  • Our company was established in 2003. We supply the sheet metal products such as EZ clamp, QM clamp, Crowning meister, EZ sheet, EZ Inspect etc. 

  • EZ digital angle measurement instrument(wireless) for press brake

    WirelessIdeal for quality control of parts from the press brake

    - Quick measure angles between 20 degrees and 180 degrees

    - Angle measurement accuracy to +/-0.05 degrees

    - Digital display to 0.01 degrees

    Confirm accuracy of manufactured parts in two simple steps:

    1. Press the side button to clear previous readings

    2. Press the front button to record the angle

    WIFI connection enables direct communication of readouts to the machine NC controller or to Excel spreadsheets including automatic cell advance for recording multiple readings.

    WIFI connection can be configured to communicate directly with NC machine controllers enabling real-time adjustment to the bending cycle.