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  • Fully automated H beam assembly line
    Optimise your processes Press release

    H beam automatic clamping machine (build up section)

    Published on 23/09/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 23/09/2020 - 17:40
  • EP INGLOBE has been created in 1994 to give an answer to the customers who were looking for customized industrial machines in order to increase their productivity. A “more than 20 years” experience in industrial machine designing for different industries (ceramics, industrial carpentry, railway, aeronautics, sawmill, etc…) allowed EP INGLOBE to forge a real know-how around automated manufacturing machines. Its really experienced team is able to propose to the customer a very reactive and flawless service on brand new machines but also on former existing equipment.

    In 2010, the company launch a range of new automated machines designed to produce H steel beam (build up section).

    The range of these machines, which are going from the automated clamping machine to the fully automated assembly line, allows the customer (building manufacturing, engineering of art, offshore, etc…) to have a well dimensioned manufacturing workshop (workshop layout, beam size…) and controlled from a single operator by a real time monitoring.

    Our added value : to propose high rate solution with excellent repeatability in order to ensure a high level of manufactured product quality with respect of delivery time.

  • Fully automated H beam manufacturing line (build up section)

    The recent research and development carried out around productivity allows us to propose a limited labour action on each step of H beam manufacturing and also comfort and usability (reduction of MSDs) : easy machine access, user-friendly HMI, direct file transfer, …

    Built on our first development (automatic clamping machine), we propose as for now the full manufacturing process in an automatic way.

    H beam clamping machine :

                    The clamping machine is the core of our assembly line and is used by lots of building manufacturer who want to produce with real efficiency.

    Main advantages :

                    - All adjustment motion in less than a minute

                    - Wide variety of beam shapes feasible

                    - Full electric power with low consumption

                    - Force holding even if power cut

                    - Reinforced safety and usability (Machinery directive 2006/42 CE)

                    - HMI control device and direct CAD file transfer

    Wide range :

                    - BASEKO : 1 straight flange / 1 flange in any position

                    - EKOVAR : 2  flanges with any position

                    - EASYVAR :  2 flanges with any position + independent web hoisting

                    - GECKOVAR : 2 flanges with any position + independent web hoisting + asymmetric flanges

    Options :

                    - Submerged arc welding machine

                    - Second clamping machine

                    - Turning cranes

                    - Motorized Roller transfer

                    - Wireless HMI

    EASYVAR 16M-1600CM clamping machine