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    Schweissen & Schneiden 2023 Press release

    Embracing innovation, technological advancements, and the potential of aluminum with StirWeld: Tiphaine Louis on the metal industry's challenges

    Published on 10/10/23
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Submitted by benoit.cantin on Tue 10/10/2023 - 19:16
  • Metal-Interface recently had the privilege to sit down with Tiphaine Louis from StirWeld, delving into the significant challenges and prospects the metal industry currently faces. Here’s a deep dive into our conversation.

  • Embracing innovation for sustainable growth

    Tiphaine Louis emphasized the paramount importance of innovation in the metal industry. With emerging challenges in productivity and environmental impact, there's a pressing need for the sector to evolve. “The metal industry cannot afford to be not performance enough,” she stated, highlighting that productivity and environmental concerns are intrinsically connected.

    The goal is clear: to sustain life on Earth, the industry must adopt practices that use resources judiciously. “We need to produce smart and not use the resources we have too much,” Tiphaine remarked, advocating for efficiency in every process and product.

  • Progress and technological advancements

    The industry isn’t standing still. Significant advancements, especially in artificial intelligence for live processing, allow for real-time adjustments, ensuring resources aren't overused. Tiphaine also spoke about the abundance of welding technologies available today, pointing out that StirWeld, where she works, is at the forefront of such advancements.

    FSW head

    However, she did note a challenge: “Sometimes you use the technology just because someone has told you to do that... and you don’t know what new technology is better for your product.”

  • The need for expert consultation

    This proliferation of technologies indicates a need for more informed consultancy in the industry. Companies should not just promote their solutions but should also be open to advising clients when a different solution might be more appropriate.

    Tiphaine shared her motivation for joining StirWeld, which possesses not just technological know-how but also the ability to link it to the client’s specific needs. “My goal is... to be able to say, my technology in that configuration is the best. And maybe not. And maybe you should go to see a laser welding technology or vacuum brazing,” she said. StirWeld's approach involves running prototypes for clients, allowing them to compare different methods and make an informed decision.

  • Aluminum: the material of the future

    In discussing solutions for the industry, Tiphaine highlighted the potential of aluminum. The material is not only easily recyclable but also lightweight, making it a prime choice for transportation applications aiming to reduce energy consumption.

    “Friction stir welding is good because it enables the integration of more and more aluminum into transportation,” she said. The emphasis on recyclability ensures minimal waste, aligning with the industry's sustainability goals.

  • Innovations at StirWeld

    StirWeld is not just about offering cutting-edge technology; it's about providing adaptable solutions. They offer heads that can be plugged into existing CNC machines, negating the need for clients to invest in new equipment. This approach allows companies to bring innovation into their operations without significant investments, making innovation more accessible.

  • Conclusion

    Our discussion with Tiphaine Louis provided insights into the metal industry's challenges and the role of companies like StirWeld in addressing them. As the industry navigates productivity and environmental hurdles, informed decisions and innovations will pave the way forward.