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  • Lantek Flex3d Optimise your processes Press release

    Lantek will show how nonstop production can be a reality in the digital

    Publié le 01/07/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 01/07/2020 - 13:31
  • Lantek is a multinational which is leading the digital transformation of companies in the sheet metal and metal industry. With its patented manufacturing intelligence software, it enables factories to be connected, turning them into Smart Factories. It rounds off its range of services with CAD, CAM, MES, and ERP solutions for companies that manufacture metal parts from sheet metal, tubes, and profiles using any cutting technology (laser, plasma, oxycut, waterjet, shearing and punching).

    Founded in 1986 in the Basque Country (Spain), one of the main European hubs of machine tool development, Lantek enables the integration of sheet metal and metal processing technologies using the most advanced manufacturing management software. The company is currently the outstanding leader in its sector as a result of its capacity for innovation and commitment to internationalization. With more than 23,700 customers in over 100 countries and 20 offices in 14 countries, it has an extensive network of distributors with an international presence. In 2019, its international business contributed to 86% of its revenue.

  • New features in CAD/CAM 2D and CAD/CAM 3D solutions

    Lantek Expert: The popular solution for cutting and punching sheet metal includes a total of 34 advances which guarantee safety in cutting and automation, as well as better usability. Now, the user has the capability of running a new collision avoidance algorithm during the cutting process, automatically adding intelligent tags (or micro-joints), reducing the chance of damage to the machine head from collision with a part.

    Likewise, innovative algorithms have been included for the destruction of holes, which significantly reduces the cutting times for nests of parts. In addition, there is also an optional nesting optimization module (NOS) that delivers raw material savings of around 12-15%.

    Lantek Flex3d: the CAD / CAM module for tubes and profiles has been improved both from the point of view of usability, and from the technical point of view, since it incorporates an algorithm for the destruction of scrap metal generated in hole cutting, while head management avoids collisions with the cut contours. These improvements translate into cutting time savings and increased machine productivity, as more than 80% of collision related stops are avoided.

    Other v2020 improvements include optimization of machine movements and enhancements to nesting efficiency for tube cutting.