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  • Installation of CorsoPatch Aircraft before a flight test on an Air Corsica A320 aircraft
    EuroBLECH 2022 Press release

    CorsoPatch Aircraft: fast paint repair solution for aircraft

    Published on 08/09/22
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Thu 08/09/2022 - 15:30
  • CorsoPatch Aircraft is a dry paint patch, dedicated to fast repair of paint damage on airplanes (wings and fuselage) from impacts in operation (lightning, erosion) and in maintenance.
    Manufactured from qualified aeronautical paints, CorsoPatch Aircraft is composed of a solidified paint film with an adhesive, supported by a liner and a protective film.
    Developed since October 2016, CorsoPatch Aircraft was born from the "SYSCO" project, as part of the Dual Innovation Support Scheme "RAPID" supported by the French army. The development of this technology has been made possible thanks to state (DGA, DMAé) and industrial (Airbus, Air France Industries) partners.

    Fast maintenance

    Paint repairs are complex and must be performed in a controlled environment. However, their absence leads to the degradation of aircraft’s structure (corrosion), and damages the airlines’ image. They are therefore essential. CorsoPatch Aircraft overcomes this challenge, allowing repairs to be carried out rapidly, reducing maintenance downtile time by 85% and therefore increasiing Aircraft uptime. While traditional repairs using liquid paint take up to 10 hours, repairs with CorsoPatch Aircraft are performed in under 40 minutes. This saves an hour and a half of manpower, and eliminates 8 hours of drying phases.

    Time gain of more than 8 hours


  • EASA approval of the solution CorsoPatch Aircraft

    After obtaining Part 21 G in 2021 and carrying out more than 10,000 hours of flight tests with different airlines, on Thursday June 23, 2022, EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency) approved the CorsoPatch Aircraft fast paint repair solution.
    The efforts of the Corso Magenta team have been rewarded, as this approval attests that CorsoPatch Aircraft meets, as a standard repair solution, the safety and airworthinss requirements set by the European Union.

    The solution is now applicable to all aircraft ranges from the main manufacturers:

    • Airbus
    • Boeing
    • ATR
    • Embraer

    CorsoPatch - A solution approved by EASAWhat next?
    As CorsoPatch Aircraft is now marketable, new perspectives are opening up!

    • For the aeronautics sector: obtain an innovative time-saving solution for more efficient aeronautical maintenance that respects employees and the environment./
    • For Corso Magenta : Penetrate the very demanding aeronautics sector by concluding contracts with its numerous state and commercial partners. And have its fast paint repair solution approved by the various civil aviation authorities, beyond the borders of the EU (FAA in the United States, TCCA in Canada, CAA in the United Kingdom, GCAA in the United Arab Emirates, CAAC in China, …)