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  • Switchbox AXXAIR : Use two welding heads with a single orbital power source
    Optimise your processes Press release

    Switchbox : The advantage of controlling 2 heads with 1 power supply

    Published on 14/10/20
Submitted by a.merlet.securite on Wed 14/10/2020 - 17:11
  • AXXAIR is known on the tube working market thanks to its global offer for piping and subcontracting companies in a wide variety of industrial sectors such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, aeronautics, semi-conductors, petrochemicals, nuclear and water treatment.

    The company focuses on technical innovation and user training

    Since 1997, the French company has been designing and manufacturing cutting, facing, beveling and orbital welding machines for thin and thick walled tubes and pipes.

    Today, AXXAIR offers a complete range for the tube working process:

    • 11 orbital cutting machine models for tubes with diameters up to 1016mm.
    • Facing machines for thin tubes with thicknesses up to 3mm and diameters up to 220mm.
    • Orbital V or J beveling machines, lubricant-free use with carbide inserts for pipes with diameters from 15 to 328mm.
    • Closed, microfit and open welding heads, prefabrication welding machines as well as orbital TIG welding supplies. AXXAIR's orbital welding range allows welding with or without filler wire for tubes with diameters from 3 to 328mm, depending on the chosen machine model.

    The orbital solutions and products are distributed throughout the world thanks to AXXAIR's 4 subsidiaries and its large distribution network. With an experienced, reactive and involved team and a qualified distribution network, AXXAIR assists its customers to find the solution best suited to your company's needs.

    Bâtiments AXXAIR France


  • Orbital welding: The advantage of using 2 heads with a single power source

    AXXAIR presents its new welding Switchbox which allows it to connect two welding heads to a single orbital TIG power supply from the SAXX range and to use the two machines alternatively. 

    The use of AXXAIR's Switchbox is avoiding the purchase of two orbital welding power sources, which means cost reduction and a significant time saving.

    The parts that need to be welded can be postionned in one of the two machines while the other one is making a weld. The preparation and setting up time of the parts is thus optimized. Once the weld is finished, the weld on the other machine can directly be started. The welded parts can be removed from the first machine and new parts can be placed.

    The Switchbox can be used with all welding machines compatible with the SAXX welding power sources (excluding AVC/OSC systems). This means that it is possible to use 2 identical or different heads with 2 identical or different programmes.

    This orbital welding accessory also allows the use of an AXXAIR manual torch to tack tubes on one side and orbital weld on the other. Last but not least, you can of course use the AXXAIR PPM reader. The functionality of the oxygen reader lies in the ability to accurately measure the amount of oxygen present in a volume, in this case inside of the tube. As soon as a pre-programmed minimum threshold is reached, the oxygen reader sends an electrical signal to the TIG welding supply which starts the welding cycle.

    Commutateur de soudage orbital AXXAIR


    If you carry out repetitive tube welding and want to optimise the set-up time of the parts in order to gain in efficiency and increase your productivity, our new Switchbox is the ideal answer to your company's needs!


    Switchbox AXXAIR for orbital welding


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