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    Schweissen & Schneiden 2023 Press release

    Navigating the Challenges of the Sheet Metal Industry: A Glimpse into the Future with Matteo Callisardi of Sideros Engineering

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Submitted by benoit.cantin on Tue 26/09/2023 - 14:35
  • In a sphere where the rapid pace of evolution is the norm, companies find themselves constantly on their toes, attempting to maintain a balanced stride between innovation and sustainability. To gain deeper insights into the prevailing trends and future trajectories of the sheet metal industry, we reached out to an expert in the field, Matteo Callisardi from Sideros Engineering. In a candid conversation, Matteo Callisardi shed light on the contemporary challenges and the avenues opening up for the industry, painting a picture rich with opportunities and growth. Here’s a detailed account of the enlightening dialogue that unfolded.

  • Tackling Prevailing Challenges

    At the crux of our conversation, Matteo Callisardi delved deep into the primary challenges that companies in the sheet metal industry are grappling with currently. A significant concern is the mounting extra costs that are superseding the standard production costs. This surge leads back to the escalating expenses associated with electricity, manpower, and transportation. These factors are notably influencing the price structures and the overarching costs tied to industrial production.

    Matteo Callisardi believes that if this trend continues, it might require a shift towards a greener economy. This would mean harnessing innovative technologies to curb energy consumption and general expenditures, coupled with a potential exploration of new, sustainable transportation avenues. The goal would be to create a synergy where operational costs are optimized without compromising the environmental balance.

  • Technological Innovations: Steering Towards a Sustainable Future

    Shifting the focus towards the arising trends in the industry, Matteo Callisardi shared his observations on how companies are gradually pivoting towards environmental considerations and cost reductions. He highlighted the initiatives underway at Sideros, a beacon of innovation in this domain. The company is actively addressing transportation issues by deploying a dedicated fleet of trucks, a move aimed at reducing transportation costs significantly.

    Sideros factory

    Furthermore, Sideros is in the throes of establishing a state-of-the-art production plant. A standout feature of this facility is the large solar roof, designed to be a powerhouse, significantly reducing energy costs. The blueprint also includes provisions for integrating robots and cobots within the production hall, a strategic move to enhance efficiency and streamline operations.

  • Automation: A Robust Trend Shaping the Future

    As the conversation flowed, it was evident that automation is emerging as a dominant trend, carving a niche as a potential harbinger of success in the foreseeable future. Matteo Callisardi illustrated the growing affinity for automation, emphasizing its role in facilitating extended work shifts and ensuring a seamless flow in product outputs. This transition is seen as a vital step in amplifying production capacities considerably, positioning automation as a critical success factor in the coming years.

    Storage Sideros


  • Spearheading Technical Innovations to Meet Industry Demands

    Moving onto the innovative strides being made to meet industry challenges, Matteo Callisardi highlighted the concerted efforts being put into developing automated valve positions that can seamlessly integrate with welding torch operations. This initiative has seen a surge in collaborations, with several valving companies seeking automated solutions from Sideros.

    To meet this growing demand, a new department has been established, focusing solely on these specialized projects. This move marks a significant shift from manual processes to automated methodologies, ushering in a new era of innovation. It signifies a promising future brimming with novel developments from the Sideros company, paving the way for groundbreaking development in the sheet metal industry.

  • Conclusion: A Future Laden with Opportunities

    As we wrapped up our insightful conversation with Matteo Callisardi, it became abundantly clear that the sheet metal industry is on the cusp of a revolutionary phase. The sector is gearing up to embrace innovative technical solutions, steering towards a greener and more sustainable economic model. Matteo Callisardi’s insights offer a promising glimpse into a future where automation and innovation are central themes, guiding the industry to unparalleled heights. The road ahead is dotted with opportunities, and as Matteo Callisardi aptly noted, the coming months and years are set to unveil a wealth of new developments emerging from the Sideros company, making it a highly anticipated period in the industry’s evolution.