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Bending dossier

Bending dossier: how to meet the challenges of press brake production?

Bending Dossier

The bending process is a strategic position in a sheet metal workshop because:

  • the potential productivity gain is often quite significant,
  • the causes of scrapped or non-compliant parts often occur during the bending operation,
  • finally, bending can become an obstacle crippling the overall production flow.

Many areas for improvement can be implemented to resolve difficulties and improve productivity. This approach involves looking at the process as a whole.

With this in mind, has supplied a dossier specifically focused on bending through 12 articles, which will be centered on the following topics:

  • the impact of raw material,
  • equipment for press brakes, special tools,
  • loading / unloading tools on a press brake,
  • bending, component inspection,
  • bending scraps, shortage of bending tools,
  • reducing production changeover times,
  • offline programming (bending FAO).

How was this dossier conducted?

  • Starting with problems encountered by manufacturers (roughly 50 manufacturers interviewed)

We developed this dossier on bending processes starting with the problems encountered by manufacturers. We interviewed nearly 50 manufacturers, subcontractors or producers using press brakes, such as the Aimm Group, Extratole, Arcode, etc. over a period of several weeks. The ATDT firm (technical assistance and sheet metal development) also helped as a specialized technical expert in the bending process.

  • Exchanging with the manufacturers

Next, Metal-Interface exchanged with the majority of press brake manufacturers and equipment producers, including Amada, Bystronic, Colly, LVD, SafanDarley, Salvagnini, AJ Concept, PG Tooling, Wilson Tool, and others.