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How does Metal-Interface build a bridge between different actors of the sheet metal industry?

The company register of Metal-Interface lists a great number of actors in the field of sheet metal processing, that is roughly 7050 companies (manufacturers, suppliers, etc.) being available for you. Each corporation is categorised according to its expertise, machinery, production capacity and area of business.

Working with sheet metal entails a wide range of know-how:

Choose the category that correponds to your request.

  • Precision sheet metal processing - Industrial fabrication - Laser cutting - Punching und deep-drawing - Made-to-order bending



    Precision sheet metal processing - Industrial fabrication - Laser cutting - Punching und deep-drawing - Made-to-order bending

  • Sheet metal design, study, industrialization: bending, cutting, welding, etc.



    Conception - Design Planning - Prototype construction Optimisation of production processes

  • Epoxy paint, Powder coating, Cataphoresis in subcontracting



    powder coating lacquering electrostatic powder coating cathodic dip painting (CDP)

  • Chassis welding, boiler making, etc.



    welded constructions metal/steel construction boiler makers metalworking

  • Subcontracting Laser cutting, Waterjet cutting, Plasma, Oxycutting, Punching, etc.



    punching tech - laser cutting - waterjet cutting - plasma / thermal cutting - deep drawing - tube cutting - shearing - FMS lines: punching/cutting

  • Welding, rivet fitting, crimping, subcontracting for subcontracting.



    TIG (WIG)/MIG/MAG and laser welding - robot welding - riveting - crimping - screen print - polishing - brushing - mechanical joining

  • Integration of electrical and electronic components, assembly of sheet metal parts, etc.



    Wiring/Installation of electronic and IT systems - turnkey integration - logistics - transport - on-site installation

  • Subcontracting bending, folding, rolling, panelling, etc.



    Bending full-automatic bending center tube and profile bending roll plate bending machine

  • Subcontractor: Iso 9001, Iso 14001 certification, quality service, etc.



    ISO 9001 - ISO 14001 quality assurance - 3D-measurement test technology