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    Welding tables and clamping systems Siegmund

    Publié le 15/07/20
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  • Bernd Siegmund Gmbh designs, manufactures and markets welding tables and accessories for clamping in Augsburg in Bavaria. Our wide range of products makes it possible to quickly carry out clamping assemblies for welding and assembly in very diverse fields such as metalwork, sheet metal work but also the food industry, aeronautics, automobile, building, etc ...

    Thanks to the modularity of our clamping tables and accessories, our customers are more productive, quick and precise to meet their customers' expectations as closely as possible. Our products also allow more ergonomic work for welding professionals ...


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    • Workstation: the revolutionary workbench with of course the Siegmund modular system
    • Mobile lifting table: Mobile welding table, adjustable in height
    • Rotary table: rotary welding table and adjustable in height
    • Aluminum profiles: aluminum profiles to make your specific clamping and welding assemblies
    • Platform and on rail systems: to adapt the workplace to the size of your production
    • Light Steel: new lighter steel but also resistant specially adapted for robotics